Sweden Ditches Barbaric Gender-Affirming Care for Kids


The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare published new treatment guidelines. They have completely dropped the recommendation that children with gender identity issues receive “gender-affirming” care.

Last week, the new treatment guidelines for “gender dysphoria” in Sweden were published. These guidelines state that psychosocial support should be the first line of therapy, rather than drugs to stop puberty or mutilating children’s bodies.

According to the new guidelines, psychosocial support is the best option if young people want to live in harmony with their bodies’ development.

NBHW says that the risks of GnRH analogs and gender-affirming hormonal treatment to suppress puberty outweigh any potential benefits. These treatments should not be used in extreme situations.

According to the report, “the NBHW believes that access to care and treatment should be determined by gender dysphoria rather than gender identity.”

Sweden’s rejection of the West’s obsession with “gender identity” ideology is evident in this move. We have long pointed out that “gender Dysphoria” is a psychological disorder that must be addressed. Too many stories have been told about transgender cults that rush to mutilate their children, often without any psychological intervention.

These guidelines are a significant departure from the 2015 guidelines Sweden adopted. These guidelines were based upon the radical recommendations made by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Sweden changed its guidelines because of insufficient scientific evidence to support the WPATH guidelines. NBHW also noted the growing number of cases of de-transitioning.

“Although the prevalence of de-transition is still unknown, the knowledge that it occurs and that gender confirming treatment thus may lead to a deteriorating of health and quality of life (i.e. harm), is important for the overall judgment and recommendation,” the new guidelines explain.

This is in stark contrast to the US’s current approach. Joe Biden demands that taxpayers cover gender transitions in children’s lives.

Sweden’s decision to not follow WPATH guidelines also reflected a shift of gender dysphoria among teenage girls, especially those who have never experienced it.

WPATH has been denounced by an international group of mental health professionals, public health scientists, and allied organizations and individuals for its “adherence to ideological views unsupported by evidence, its exclusion of ethical concerns, and its mischaracterization of basic science.”