The Nation Is Freezing, The Border Is in Crisis, but Guess Where Joe Biden Is Headed?


Yes, that’s right. Many people have been killed in their cars because they got stuck in the snow. Temperatures have dropped and many roads are clogged. Power is out in some parts of the country. The border is boiling over and crime and prices continue to rise. To ring in the new year, President Joe Biden will be heading to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Biden may be enjoying the ocean view as you read this. He is basking in the sun and enjoying the gentle breeze while sipping a Mai Tai. Although a drink won’t make Biden any more coherent, it will help him to remember all the missteps, gaffes, and blunders. To be truthful, I gave up in October. We could probably find some relief in the fact that he is not at the Oval Office right now, but if Biden thinks he has the ability to destroy the nation on his own, then it might be time to put down the Mai Tais.

Breitbart reports that the supposedly most powerful man on earth was due to depart Tuesday evening for St. Croix. For the remainder of the week, he will still be there. He will wear a silly hat and grab a noisemaker to welcome 2023.

Fair enough, he did tweet the Democrats’ emergency declaration before packing his Bermuda shorts with zinc oxide.

Although the White House confirmed the trip, it didn’t say if the Secret Service could find Biden’s swim fins and rubber seahorse.

The Daily Caller pointed out that Biden had resisted a trip to the frontier on December 6th because he believed there were “more important” things happening. This is why Joe Biden is able to fly to St. Croix, while 35 people are still dead in New York and other parts of America dealing with freezing temperatures and power outages. CNN reported that 52 people had died in the United States. These numbers could change as more information is available. It is not a big deal for POTUS right now to travel to St. Croix. Andrew Klavan regularly refers to Biden, in this instance, as a “venal plant,” which is a potted palm. This is evident from the fact that Biden was effectively exempted from duty during unfolding and imminent national crises. It also raises the question of who makes decisions about domestic and national energy policy, since the president is not an essential employee. Will these people be held responsible? Congratulations to those who answered “Who knows?” or “Never.” Congratulations!

Check out the Omnibus Bill. It must have a provision that allows every American to purchase beachwear.