Bill Cosby Eyes Comedy Return In 2023


Bill Cosby, a comedian and controversial actor, said Wednesday that he hopes to return to touring in 2023.
Cosby, 85 years old, made the announcement in an interview with Scott Spears, WGH Talk.

He said, “When I get out of this, it will feel like I can perform and be the Bill Cosby my audience knows me as,”

Spears asked then if 2023 might be the right year to make a comeback.

“Yes. Cosby responded, “Yes. Because there’s so many fun to be had with this storytelling that you do.”

“Years ago, or maybe 10 years ago I discovered it was more effective to say it after writing it.”

According to a report, Andrew Wyatt (Cosby’s representative) confirmed that a possible return in 2023 was possible.

Wyatt reports that Cosby “is looking at spring/summer to begin touring.”

The comedian was convicted of criminal sex assault in Pennsylvania in April 2018. He was released in 2021 after the conviction was overturned.

According to a New York sexual assault lawsuit filed earlier this month, five additional women claimed that Cosby raped or coerced them into performing sexual acts.

Wyatt called it “frivolous”, according to the report.