Suozzi Wins Special Election, Flipping NY Seat Democrats Lost to Santos


Democrats flip an important suburban House seat held by the GOP, where immigration issues, crime, and abortion are major concerns

EAST MEADOW (N.Y.). – Former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi has won the closely watched special election held to fill the vacant House Seat formerly held by ex-Republican Rep. George Santos, who was expelled from Congress in December.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Suozzi is expected to defeat Republican county legislator Mazi Pili to regain his former position.

The GOP had a razor-thin majority in the House. Both national Republicans and Democrats spent a lot of money on a race in a suburb of New York City where immigration, crime, border security, and abortion were major issues. This election was seen as a preview of the rematch between President Biden and former President Donald Trump at the White House in November.

“I called my competitor. Philip said to his supporters on election night: “I called my opponents, and we are fighters. 

Tom Suozzi is a Democrat who hails from New York. He won the seat he held in the New York State Senate during a special election. Suozzi won the special election for the House seat formerly held by George Santos.

Suozzi stated, “Despite the lies and attacks about Tom Suozzi and his squad, Tom Suozzi is the godfather of the migrant crises and Sanctuary Suozzi. We won despite the dirty tricks of the Nassau County Republican Machine and their lauded reputation. 

Santos was found to have lied about his background. He had held the district of Long Island for 10 years. It was discovered that he had lied about his past.

Suozzi has linked Pilip, a district representative and former governor who ran unsuccessfully for office before, with Santos, the former president Donald Trump, on numerous occasions.

Who can tell what she stands for? George Santos 2.0. Suozzi stated on the night before the election that it was the same nontransparent nonsense to get votes, rather than expressing what one truly believes.

Suozzi said Philip is a right-wing extremist who agrees with Donald Trump and Mike Johnson. She is currently serving in her second term as a county legislator. 

Philip – an Ethiopian Jew who fled to Israel at the age of 12 to escape persecution and served in the Israeli Army before immigrating to the United States – compared Suozzi to President Biden and blamed him for the migrant issue.

Philip stated in an interview that 90% of the time he supported squads. He is responsible for the migrant crisis.

Mazi Pilip Loses Special Congress Elections in New York

On the 13th of February 2024, Republican Congress candidate Mazi Pili, a Nassau County lawmaker, spoke with supporters in East Meadow after conceding NY03 to former Democratic Rep. Tom Souzzi.

Suozzi is a centrist and moderate Democrat who kept a distance from Biden’s party when it came to immigration.

The White House confirmed President Obama’s call to Suozzi, congratulating him on his victory. Biden’s campaign stated that Donald Trump had “lost yet again tonight”. Even in Republican-held districts, voters reject Republicans running on Trump’s extreme agenda.

After Suozzi’s election, the Republican majority in the House will fall to 219-213.

This contest may also give clues as to how immigration and abortion issues could impact the November election.

In a recent TV ad, the Congressional Leadership Fund, the main super PAC supporting House Republicans, claimed that “Tom Souzzi rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants.”

In a commercial, the House Majority PAC – the super PAC that supports House Democrats – claimed that “Mazi Pilip is running on a platform to ban abortion.”

Philip is a former Democrat, and a former Democrat Candidate who says that the Democratic Party has “left me and other people”. He also highlighted Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7 to appeal to voters unhappy with the left-wing criticisms of Israel and their support for Palestinians.

Her support of Trump, whom she admitted voting for in 2020 was a concern for moderate voters, not fans, of the former President.

Suozzi showed his support for Israel and the trip that he made to Israel last summer.

Mazi Pilip speaks to reporters on Election Day. NY-03. Republican candidate for the NY-03 congressional seat, Mazi Pili, talks to reporters during a snowstorm on Election Day.

Suozzi, a veteran in the campaign, welcomed his interaction. Philip had to be cautious with her public appearances.

This district is located in Nassau County and includes a small part of Queens. This district is exactly what Democrats need to win if they are to win back the House majority that was lost in 2022.

Although Democrats have performed well in suburban districts in recent cycles, Republicans have been known to have won in Long Island, New York. Santos won the 2022 election for the vacant House Seat with the same margin as Biden’s presidential victory in 2020. Santos carried the district boundaries currently by eight points.

Tom Suozzi, former Democratic Rep. in Glen Cove, greets voters on the 13th of February 2024 during a special congressional election in the NY-03 district.

The final public opinion polls of the special election revealed that Souzzi had a slight lead over Pilip, by just a single number.

Suozzi leads Pilip by eight votes with the voting still ongoing on Tuesday night.

The voter turnout largely determines the result of the election. During the nine-day early voting period, which ended on Sunday, the Democrats appeared to have had a slight edge.

A winter storm swept across the metro area as the polls opened in New York on Tuesday morning. This is likely to have reduced the turnout on Election Day.