Republican Senator Furious: Biden Administration Prioritizes Veteran Medical Resources for Illegal Immigrants


President Biden’s administration is under increased scrutiny as the border crisis intensifies. It could increase the wait time for American Veterans who use Department of Veterans Affairs facilities.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has praised the No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act he introduced recently with Rep. Mike Bost. This act would ban such actions and is just one of the many problems that the country faces due to the “disaster” at the border under Biden’s leadership.

Tuberville said Biden decided to “feed and house all 10 million people crossing our border, as well as provide health care for them.” The VA has allowed doctors to care for patients in their community care system. This is why the VA’s lines are now longer. 

Tuberville expressed regret over the fact that the VA couldn’t provide care for all 19,000,000 veterans in the country and he mentioned the community system that helped reduce waiting times before the border crisis became worse.

A memo from the 2020 Memo, written during the presidency of former President Trump, outlined the agreement between the VA Financial Service Center and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the processing of claims related to migrant health. This agreement predates the Biden administration.

Medical professionals treat illegal migrants who are in ICE custody and need health care. In cases of emergency or specialist treatment, an illegal migrant can be transferred to a private provider.

It is a portal that allows providers to submit claims, view them, and access other resources. This portal allows providers to submit, view, and access resources.

IHSC and the Department have an interagency agreement to provide services for claims processing. It was noted that ICE does not provide or pay for healthcare.

The border crisis with record numbers of people crossing the border needing medical care has probably worsened “history” in medical claims which has led to veterans getting bills that they shouldn’t be receiving and… unsatisfied community providers who aren’t being paid on time.

Tuberville expressed his hope that the bill will receive bipartisan support, given that it’s an election year and many Democrats are running in tight reelection races.

He said: “I think we can bring it to the American public’s attention. If not by a vote, then at least through the discussion on the floor. “An election provides the ideal opportunity to gain bipartisan support for any legislation, but particularly one that helps veterans. 

Tuberville then criticized the Biden administration’s decision to sell border wall materials purchased under the previous administration rather than use them to deter border crossings. He also called Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who narrowly escaped an impeachment hearing last week, a “globalist”, who has no interest in walls or borders.

“If we don’t get a guy like President Trump in office, heaven help us. I don’t know what we’ll do,” he added.