Viral “Lazy Girl” Makeup Trend Draws Mixed Reactions from Dermatologists


A 25-year-old woman posted a video on TikTok showcasing what she called the “lazy girl makeup trend”.

Kaycee, from Flint Michigan, shared a new trend of makeup by using self-tanning lotion overnight.

She explained her new routine and the reasons behind it, stating that she doesn’t like to wear makeup every day.

“the modern woman of 2024 is very busy and hard-working.”

She said, “We want smarter work and not harder.”

Kaycee Ogle, a Michigan woman, said that she uses fake tanning to colorize the areas on her face where she would normally contour. (SWNS)

The video has been viewed over 1.3 million times on TikTok. In it, Ogle shows how she contours her face using a self-tanning lotion.

She uses self-tanner on her cheeks, eyes, and other areas to give herself a fake freckle look.

She washes off her face in the morning after leaving it on overnight.

In the video, Ogle is seen admiring her work.

She said as she looked in the mirror, “I think she looks pretty well.”

Ogle appeared applying henna on her nose, cheeks, and forehead to create fake freckles. One dermatologist was not a fan of this practice.

She said, “The freckles on her face are adorable, and I would say that’s a win.”

Ogle says she has been using the hack for five years and the makeup is light.

She told SWNS that it looked like she had eyeshadow on. It also gave her a natural glow.

She added, “This is a simple solution for feeling your best in a short time with minimal effort. It will give you the time to focus on what matters.”

Ogle noted that she uses a regular face tanner but also said it is probably safer to use an organic one.

Ogle says that when she wakes up, she removes her makeup for a more natural appearance.

New York dermatologist Fayne Frey M.D. shared some cautions regarding the tanning application.

She said: “I don’t have anything against tanners, but keep in mind that [tanners] are not approved for inhalation because [doctors] do not know the risks associated with the potential pulmonary damage.”

Frey said that using tanners to tan the face could cause unknown allergic reactions in some people depending on the ingredients of the products.

Frey also said that henna was not approved for use on the skin.

Before and after photos.

The dermatologist said that the product was not to be applied directly to the skin in any way.

She added, “It’s what we call unadulterated. If there’s real Henna in it, this is not even legal in this country.”

Frey said that she also found the video disturbing and advised anyone who may be considering trying out the “lazy girl makeup” trend to stay away.

She said, “They shouldn’t waste any time, money, or energy on this trend that will not only make your pillowcase dirty but could also cause skin allergies.”

The viral TikTok videos have received over 600 comments, many of which praise the genius hack.

One user commented, “Girl What that looks so good.”

One person said, “I’d buff it in a bit more to my hairline, but it still looks great!”

Some people, however, are skeptical of this trend.

Another TikTok user said: “I am a side sleeper who moves from side to side, [so] not for me.”

Dr. Mariano Busso is a dermatologist in Beverly Hills and Miami who told us that the results of this trend can vary depending on skin type.

He said that certain preparations were better for different types of skin.

Before using dihydroxyacetone products, make sure your skin is free from inflammation, growth, and wounds. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a discolored, splotchy look.