Startling New Report Indicates FBI Was Looking for Extremely Sensitive Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago


Attorney General Merrick Garland didn’t seem to be aware of the seriousness of documents requested by the Department of Justice at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

We only knew that the documents were about President Records Act (the 1970s) and that the National Archives wanted all of Trump’s documents.

A Washington Post report strongly suggests the FBI sought more than just presidential records. These materials seem to be a matter of grave national security.

Sources familiar with the investigation say that FBI agents searched Donald Trump’s Florida home on Monday looking for classified documents relating to nuclear weapons.

Experts on classified information said that the unusual search raised serious concerns among government officials about the type of information they believe could have been found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and the possibility of it being misused.

Agents were searching for information on some of the material that was described by the individuals. Agents were looking for information about some of the material described by the people.

This is an extremely serious problem. There are many other problems.

First problem: It took 18 months for government agencies and Trump to discover that the weapons/possibly in Trump’s possession had been stolen. This information is classified. It is protected because of a reason.

They may be in Trump’s hands, but they are not in his capable(?) hands.

The third problem? You just throw it out there to the media like it’s a way to have a chum.

I believed all of the people involved in this story to be grossly incompetent. They seem determined to prove it.

Despite all this, I remain skeptical about the following:

Don’t let sensitive documents of national security (e.g., those pertaining to nuclear secrets) get out.

The fact that the Presidential Records Act was a façade was well-known. Everyone hoped that the feds would discover something starting January 6, 2021.

Tell the members of Congress, Republicans included, if you think Trump has the information. The Republicans will surely call the de facto head of their party and ask them to hurry up to get them back to D.C.

Both the FBI and the media have done an admirable job of debasing each other over the past six years. The media have spent six decades telling us that “walls” are closing down — many of them as fake as the dossier.

Even if a tiny part of this story is true we’ll have serious problems. Trump supporters already have damaged their credibility. Trump supporters would defend Trump even if he launched all of his nuclear weapons from 5th Avenue.