Chris Murphy Gets Much-Needed Schooling After Whining About Overheated GOP Rhetoric


Senator Chris Murphy (D.Conn. ), has stood out among his Democratic Congressional colleagues in a variety of ways. He can open his mouth to insert his foot, and does it in an uncanny Eric Swalwell-like manner. He is able to type before he thinks which eliminates any doubts about his intelligence.

Here are many examples of Murphy’s behavior. In July, Murphy posted a disturbing tweet claiming that video footage from the Uvalde massacre proved that “good guys with guns” was a fabrication of the gun industry. The claim was disproven after the incidents in Greenwood, Indiana, and Missouri one week later.

Murphy responded to the reports of an attempted break-in at the FBI Cincinnati office, and the subsequent six-hour standoff in which a gun battle took part and the perpetrator was killed, by declaring that Trump’s “overheated rhetoric” is threatening the lives of law enforcement.

In a situation like this, it’s not surprising that a Democrat would “never waste a problem” Conservatives, fed up with the lazy stereotyping of leftists following incidents like that in Cincinnati, sent Murphy to school and gave him some reminders.

The video clip compilation features powerful Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters (Chair of the House Financial Committee). It was shared in the comments.

Shorter version:

Further back, I remember the ambush and murder of four Dallas police officers in July 2016 by snipers. One of them was a Black Lives Matter Supporter, who claimed that he was inspired and acted alone by their antipolice rhetoric.

Surprisingly Obama, then-President of the United States, stated that the motives behind the shooter, who police claimed wanted to kill white officers, but also expressed an interest in black nationalist groups like the Black Panthers, were “hard to unravel.”

This is the way Democrats think these things should work. In situations where Democrats are trying to do the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon thing”, it’s perfectly okay to speculate on the political motivations.

It’s tiring, but it’s what they do.