Stacey Abrams Is Already Making Excuses and You Won’t Believe Who She’s Blaming


In 2018 Stacey Abrams lost to the Republican Governor. Brian Kemp won the runoff by approximately 50,000 votes. The election was not close enough to trigger a runoff. So Abrams spent the next four years acting as the poster child for a stolen election and blamed her loss on voter suppression. She was an election denier before it became a (cue scary voice) “threat to our democracy.” While she claims she conceded the election, Abrams has never admitted she lost.

In 2020, Joe Biden was elected President of the State by less than 12,000 votes. Abrams strongly believes he won fair and square.

Stacey Abrams keeps making the same excuses ahead of the midterms.

Ali Velshi, MSNBC’s anchor, interviewed Abrams about voter suppression claims. Velshi lamented that activist groups were unable to provide food or water for people waiting in line.

Abrams repeated the claims. People go out to vote for civic duty and not for free stuff. This new law places limits on waiting times that must be closely monitored. This is something that is not mentioned. If the wait is too long, a county could open another location.

Velshi noticed in many polls that Kemp was leading by a double-digit margin. She asked Abrams what her opinion was on the current race. Abrams stated that she was certain that Abrams would win, provided voters did not have to navigate Republican “voter suppression tactics.” Mobile voting stations are prohibited. Oder motor-voter absentee ballots are also not permitted. I’ve lived in five states and have voted in all of them. Georgia is the easiest state in which to register and vote.

Abrams tried to explain the record turnout of black voters and voter suppression. ”

It is not neck-and-neck.

Perhaps that’s why Abrams blames black voters for her loss. She should be questioned about this. The gas station owners advertise the price per gallon.

Is she adamant that the top vote-getter in Democrat primaries for Lieutenant Governor is too dumb for her to know what’s best for him? According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kwanza Hall is endorsing Burt Jones for the number two job because of his proven record of delivering results, and Hall backs Kemp for his tough decisions in unprecedented circumstances during COVID-19.

Abrams only received 88% of votes in 2018, which was lower than the performance of black men. Kemp is supported by 10%. Abrams will need to increase her support to 90% in November to win. She will not try to find the reason Abrams isn’t at the same level as her, but she will blame black men.

Voter suppression.