CNN’s Daniel Dale Throws Biden Under the Bus and Chuck Todd Runs Him Over


As the midterm picture gets increasingly worse, you can almost hear the drumbeat beginning for President Joe Biden to resign. As the leader of the party with an extremely unpopular agenda, Biden will be held responsible for a trouncing, should one occur. As of today, all of the polls are pointing in that direction. And the Democrats’ stenographers in the media are starting to turn on the president.

Amazingly, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale declared that “Biden’s midterm message contains false or misleading claims.” Amazingly, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale declared that “Biden’s midterm message contains false and misleading claims.”

In an immediate apology, Dale writes:

President Joe Biden was on the campaign trail again in October and November to pitch Democrats for the midterm elections.

Biden made false, misleading, or missing context claims in his pitch.

A request for comment from the White House was not received

It almost seems that Dale has kept all his fact-checks together in one article.

Correctly, Dale pointed out that the law says that the government must provide the increase according to a formula found under a Richard Nixon law. He also stated that an 8.7% increase in Social Security payments for 2023 is an unusually high increase due to the high inflation rate. Biden claimed that the increase was the first in ten years. However, Dale informs readers that there have been increases every year since 2017.

There’s some accidental journalism going on here.

Biden claimed his Inflation Reduction Act would eliminate companies from having to pay federal taxes. Dale writes

According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which published the list of 55 large and profitable companies that didn’t pay federal income taxes in previous fiscal years, only 14 of these 55 companies reported US-pretax incomes of at least $ 1 million in 2021.

Large, profitable corporations will not pay federal income tax after implementing the minimum tax in 2023.

Biden is also accused by Dale of inflating deficits. It is the sum total of all our borrowing plus interest. Biden cut the deficit by half. This is the difference between what we spent last year and this year.

Dale also slams Biden for lying about the unemployment rate, student debt policies, and his relationship with China’s Xi Jinping. Dale did a fact-check and noted that

According to the Tax Policy Center, Trump’s tax law would lower individual income taxes for 2018 regardless of income level and in all states. H&R Block reported in April 2019 that the tax paid by two-thirds of its customers returning to H&R Block in April 2019 was less than the previous year. The headline of the article was “Face it: It (Probably), Got A Tax Cut.”

Following Dale’s incredibly thorough fact-check, NBC’s Chuck Todd concluded the segment with a comment on Meet the Press.

Biden is not being sent to any place the Democrats might lose in error unless Barack Obama is there. Democrats’ electoral performance will not improve until they address this problem.