SpaceX Straight-up Fires Woke Activist Employees


More than 2,600 employees from Space X wrote “An Open letter to the executives at SpaceX”. Elon Tesla was criticized for his inability to make SpaceX safer and more inclusive.

As I mentioned, end-stage terminal wakeness is when an infected organisation abandons its original purpose to focus solely on perpetuating that wokeness. The Verge obtained their first paragraph and reported it to The Verge.

Recent allegations against our CEO and his public discrediting the situation are concerning. We are concerned about recent allegations against our CEO and his public discrediting of the situation.

They believe SpaceX has a primary goal to make all leftists happy, no matter how difficult.

The internal activists used Musk’s harassment accusation to justify their actions. It was clear that Musk’s harassment accusation was their primary issue. However, the internal activists used Musk’s authority to shape and control the culture of a company Elon Musk does not manage or own.

Elon’s behavior in public is a constant source of embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks. Elon tweets a lot, and it is a public statement. This is something we need to tell our employees and potential talent.

This is often when corporations cave to employees’ demands. They ignore the needs of the majority, who are able to work and do their jobs.

However, this time something incredible happened: Within 24 hour, the auto-appointed guardians for inclusive corporate cultures were fired. CNBC reports:

Two sources familiar with SpaceX claim that at least five SpaceX employees participated in the distribution of a letter criticizing CEO Elon Musk.

Shotwell also wrote, in an email (also available at The Verge),: “I apologize to the long quote but each word of it are a savory spanking upon the joyless prigs which got canned. “