Politico Reporter: Two Democratic Lawmakers Told Me Nobody Cares About January 6


Betsy Woodruff Swan, a Politico reporter, claimed Wednesday that two Democratic legislators spoke openly about how Jan. 6 is not important to the electorate.

NBC anchor Chuck Todd referred to a Quinnipiac survey that asked Americans if they believed that former President Donald Trump had “truly believed that there was voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election” or “deliberately shared false information.”

Forty-three percent believe Trump believes these claims. 48% claim that Trump knowingly propagates falsehoods.

Todd continued to emphasize the party division that showed 86% of Democrats saying Trump is lying while 77% of Republicans said he believed the voter fraud claims.

Which brings us to Betsy’s all-important question: Did the January 6th hearing go through? This is more evidence that it doesn’t. Todd asked.

Swan replied, “I don’t believe it does.” “I have spoken to two different Democratic members of Congress about January 6, obviously can’t tell who, but both of them said offhand that nobody cares about January 6th when they talk about their districts and how the elections play out.”

It’s an important issue, and it is the reality. This is evident – I have been covering it nonstop for the past year. It’s vital, it’s an important part of understanding American history as well as the democratic trajectory this country is on. Swan explained to Todd that while it is true and not contradictory, it is not a top-tier issue for voters who are trying to decide who they will support in the midterms. “Top-tier matters are material concerns. How do people pay their mortgages? What is the cost of milk and bread? What is the cost of getting gas?

Swan said, “Do these hearings result in different electoral outcomes for Democrats?” “I have not yet seen any evidence that they do.”

The House Select Jan.6 Committee hearings are being hyped by much of the media. They will be reviewing the events leading up to the riot at Capitol Hill.

Liberals praise the hearings for uncovering what they claim led to an attempt to overthrow the 2020 election, while conservatives label them a partisan exercise intended to harm former President Trump in preparation for his potential run in 2024.

According to reports, Democrats hope the hearings will aid them in the forthcoming midterm elections. Many expect a red wave in November which could give Republicans both the House of Representatives.

Although the primetime hearing attracted 20 million viewers, the viewership for subsequent hearings has plummeted. These hearings have been aired in the morning. The House Select Committee plans to suspend the hearings and restart them in July.