Elon Musk Is the Boss All Woke Losers Need


Elon Musk irritated leftists for a long time because he is incredibly wealthy.

Even worse, the commies claim that he is a billionaire. He’s the one responsible in their fix-pie world for Jasmina’s financial woes after she spent $150,000 on a bachelor’s degree (PATRIARCHY), in Gender Queer Albino Panda Studies.

Musk has been a pragmatic, no-nonsense type lately who triggers all the fragile idiots who are needed to be triggered and for all the right reasons.

His attempts to purchase Twitter have brought more attention to keywords that anti-free speech activists use to justify censorship. Musk’s purchase of Twitter has caused a lot of opposition. They don’t have the power to silence people they don’t like by shouting “BULLY!” and slapping “phobic” at the ends of words.

Musk made a splash recently by insisting his employees who were used to working remotely during the pandemic should return to work in person for 40 hours per week or find employment elsewhere. Although I disagree with Musk’s idea that employees must be physically present in order to be productive, it is something I admire.

This is the best leftist episode yet on Musk vs. weaklings. Athena has the story.

Please, more of this! SpaceX fired all the employees who tried to create anti-Musk sentiment within Musk’s company. They also issued a series of leftist demands.

This is my favorite story of the week. These wokelings were not told that the Revolution did not happen yet, that private ownership of the means for production is still possible, and that the hired help does not get to dictate to the bosses how to act.

A group of employees wrote “An Open Letter to the Executives at SpaceX” on Wednesday in an internal chat that included more than 2,600 employees. Elon Musk was criticized in the letter, who claimed that he was an embarrassment to their attempts to make SpaceX safer, more inclusive, and a better place for all.

This is a brilliant example of how young leftists, who were raised during the participation trophy era, don’t understand the world and its workings. They have been taught that emotions are the most important thing and that any act that harms them is a serious offense.

“Here’s a tissue Billy, cry it out and head to the unemployment office.”

It doesn’t take a lot to see how absurd it is for someone to criticize the person signing your paychecks without any consequences.

Today’s kids are right?

Athena’s posts detail the needs of these diaper-fillers. They are hilarious in their ignorance.

Musk may not have fired these bottom-feeders, but I believe we all know the source of the call that set the ball rolling.

Athena explains why SpaceX’s actions were so important and notable:

Usually, this is the point at which corporations cave to the woke mobility of employees, trampling on the silent majority who just want to get their work done to waste company time and money on soothing the sensitive hyperventilation. They then discover too late that it’s never possible to placate these people, and that once in the throes of the cycle, the organization ends up circling the drain.

Too often, companies are willing to give in to the woke mob. Sometimes, it’s just a mob of one who makes them shake.

The world is suffering from an insufficient number of adults who will stand up to whiners. We are doomed unless we follow Elon Musk’s lead and give the crybabies our marching orders.

Let’s see if they can make it big in the world using “Signed an Open Letter Online” for their main resume-builder.