Biden’s Shocking Turn: Blasting Israel and Abandoning Ally After Aid Workers’ Deaths


On Monday, Israeli forces mistakingly struck an aid convoy in the war zone, killing aid workers from Australia, Britain, Poland, and the U.S.

Israel immediately acknowledged the error and began an investigation to determine how it happened. Joe Biden, however, climbed on his high horse to rage against the longtime American ally. In a condescending and phony-righteous statement, the president said he was outraged by the incident, claiming that Israel had “not done enough” to safeguard aid workers.

Biden called for “accountability”, and said that “incidents such as yesterday’s should simply not happen.” Incidents such as the one described above will inevitably occur when a country is engaged in a war. These incidents are inevitable. Who should be the best person to know this? Joseph R. Biden is the man who, during his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, droned seven children.

Biden never expressed even a tenth of the anger that he now shows toward Israel. No accountability was given for the strike or the deaths in general that occurred during evacuation. Biden officials were not disciplined or fired for one of the worst military operations ever. Biden, meanwhile, reportedly refused to accept responsibility for his actions and remained “defiant”.

The president is still adamant about Israel as if it can prevent civilian deaths in crowded urban battlegrounds. War is messy, and it’s imperfect. It can’t be otherwise given the reality on the ground. Biden’s slander of an ally for an accident that mirrors the hundreds of accidents the United States has committed during its war against terror is dishonest.

Hamas must stop hiding among civilians and surrender to free the hostages. Israel should still investigate and make corrections to its command and controlling structure. However, as long as Hamas is a fighting force the conflict will continue. Biden should stop his hypocritical attacks on Israel and push for a realistic end to the fighting.