Shockwaves as Ron DeSantis Halts Presidential Bid and Drops a Bombshell Endorsement


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Sunday his campaign ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

In a video message, DeSantis told supporters: “In the last few months, Casey, myself, and others have traveled all over the country, delivering a message that hope is possible, that declining is an option, and that, yes, we can indeed succeed as a nation again.” Nobody worked harder. “We left everything on the field.”

He continued, “Now that we’ve finished second in Iowa, after praying and deliberating on our next steps,” he said. “If I could do anything to achieve a positive outcome, I would — more interviews, more campaign stops. I cannot ask supporters to donate their time or resources if there is no clear path to success. “I am therefore suspending my campaign today.”

DeSantis said, “I’m proud that I have kept 100% of my commitments and will not stop.” “It is clear to me that the majority of Republican voters in the primary want to give Donald Trump a second chance. They saw his presidency stymied and saw Democrats still using lawfare against him. Although I disagreed with Donald Trump on issues such as the coronavirus and his elevation to Anthony Fauci, Trump was superior to Joe Biden, the incumbent. It is obvious. “I signed a pledge supporting the Republican nominee and will honor that pledge.”

DeSantis’ timing may surprise many. He had conceded New Hampshire to make a strong showing on South Carolina, where Nikki Haley was governor. Haley’s campaign may have been ended by DeSantis finishing second in the state, but the Republican voters wanted Trump to complete what he began in his first term. A viable path to win the necessary delegates proved too difficult to overcome. DeSantis supporters will likely support Trump instead of Haley if he drops out now. This will end her chances in New Hampshire.

DeSantis appears to have made this decision for that reason.

DeSantis stated that “[Trump] is my choice because we cannot go back to the old Republican Guard of yesterday — a repackaged version of warmed-over corporate conservatism — which Nikki Haley represents.” The days of putting Americans at the bottom of the list, of bowing to big corporations, and of caving into woke ideologies are over.

DeSantis’s withdrawal now should make it easier for Donald Trump to win the nomination. DeSantis’s endorsement is insufficient to guarantee that he will campaign with Trump to unite his party.

DeSantis thanked his family and supporters for standing by him. He also praised the efforts of volunteers in Iowa who braved the blizzard to make phone calls and knock on doors.

“Winston Churchill said that failure and success are not mutually exclusive. It is the courage to keep going that counts,” he said. While this campaign is over, the mission will continue. We will continue to demonstrate leadership in Florida.

It is now time for Republican voters, after DeSantis’ departure, to rally behind Donald Trump. The radical left is desperate to keep the White House in 2024 and will do anything to maintain it.