Allegations Surface: U.S. Accused of Working Against Israel’s Survival


It was once the case that the United States government unconditionally supported Israel. The executive and legislative branches of the United States were united to support Israel as the only democracy in this region. Our leaders also called out without hesitation the PLO and other terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. They are terrorists who want to destroy Israel.

But those days have passed. Now, the United States has abandoned Israel’s safety. This has been discussed for months, and some even believe it’s been years. Recent actions have shown this all too clearly.

Congress is the first place to start. We all know how the House welcomed anti-Semitic and anti-American people like Ilhanomar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. These anti-Semites are allowed to spew their hate without any consequences or censure. Their hatred and disdain for the United States has been welcomed and accepted in Congress.

The Senate is now fully on board with the anti-Israel movement. Today, an amendment was proposed that would prevent any further aid from being given to the Palestinian Authority, or any other governing body, in the West Bank and Gaza, until Joe Biden certifies, amongst other things:

  • Hamas must publicly denounce the attacks of October 7, and condemn them.
  • Recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State
  • Recognize the State of Israel in public
  • All security personnel linked to terrorist groups should be removed
  • Stop all funding of anti-Israeli and anti-American activities
  • Release all hostages held in the areas under the control of the P.A.

This would seem to be an easy decision for the Senate, in exchange for hundreds of millions in aid to the Palestinian Authority. This amendment was overwhelmingly rejected.

Amazingly, 100% of Senate Democrats voted against the idea of tying aid to Palestine’s willingness to denounce the atrocities of the 7th of October and to recognize the State of Israel’s existence and right to exist. This included John Fetterman who has recently been a vocal proponent of Israel. Senator Chuck Schumer voted against the amendment, even though he attended pro-Israel rallies immediately following October 7, and promised to always support Israel. Richard Blumenthal Jacky Rosen and all other Democratic Senators who, only a few short months ago, were courting Jewish voters by condemning October 7’s horrors and the evils committed by Hamas, refused to support Israel during this vote.

100 percent. What does that say about the real commitment of these senators to Israel, which is our oldest, best, and only ally in this region?


The executive branch also has spent the past few days showing its disdain for Israel, and that it does not care about Israel or the people of Israel.

Since October 7, the majority of Israelis have abandoned the two-state solution. Most recent polls show that 81% of Israelis including Arab Israelis have changed their minds and now believe there is no chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. This includes 70% of Israeli leftist voters. A staggering 88% of Israelis don’t trust the Palestinian leadership, and they believe that this war should be aimed at destroying Hamas to ensure Israel’s safety in the future.

But despite this reality, Biden and Blinken demonstrate a level of ignorance and hubris that would lead to Israel’s elimination. Instead of caring about the needs and desires of the Israeli people, they only care about ending the war and the pro-Palestinian political demonstrations in their own country that could affect their election chances.

Blinken, who was in Israel at the time, tried to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to support a two-state solution administered by Saudi Arabia. Blinken was not satisfied with the answer he received from Netanyahu. God knows what Blinken offered to other leaders in Israel to get them on board with this idea, and to remove Netanyahu. His cajoling and pressure are working on some politicians who, like many others, are more interested in their power than the will of the people.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC reported yesterday that “Three U.S. senior officials said the Biden administration was looking beyond Netanyahu to achieve its regional goals.” The Biden administration wants to prepare the groundwork for a future post-Netanyahu Government by working with civil society and other Israeli leaders. Blinken met with members of Netanyahu’s war cabinet and other Israeli leaders including opposition leader Yair Lapid to work around Netanyahu.

Gadi Eisenkot, the Minister of Defense, has called for special elections to replace Netanyahu with someone who supports Blinken. Lapid continues to support Blinken. Yoav Galant, the Defense Minister, has begun to use Blinken’s terminology when talking about “the day after”.

Blinken is a man of unbridled hubris. In Davos, he claimed that only the Israeli public and Netanyahu were against his plan. Blinken’s bosses and Blinken themselves seem to think that the Israeli public’s will is irrelevant. The safety of the nation and its citizens on a long-term basis is not important.

Blinken’s arrogance in determining the foreign policies of a nation would not be appropriate if the Arab nations surrounding Israel were truly committed to peace. After October 7, these actions are disgusting. Blinken appears to be happy to submit to the evils perpetrated by Hamas if that will further his greater purpose.

No longer is it a matter of suspicion. The U.S. legislative and executive branches are not the same friends of Israel as they used to be. They are more concerned with themselves, even if it means putting Israel in danger or destroying the country.

Remember that a two-state solution with non-contiguous parts of “Palestine”, is a recipe for disaster. It is only a matter of time before the fanatics who chant “from the River to the Sea” try to destroy Israel and make their country whole. A Palestine consisting of Gaza and the West Bank, under the control of the P.A. This is only the beginning of an Israel that is constantly attacked by all sides.

The United States government has abandoned its commitment to freedom, democracy, and liberty around the globe. This is sad news for Israel, Jews, and the entire world. The government’s recent actions demonstrate how vital it is to elect new leaders to replace those who are betraying American ideals.

We may find that if we surrender to Hamas in the Middle East, it will mean we surrender all freedoms in the world… starting in our backyards.