Biden’s Military Jet Threat Against Americans Sparks Controversy


Barack Obama was infamous for asserting the right to assassinate American Citizens during his presidency. It’s not a well-known fact, because the media did not cover it as much as they would if a president was white, of any party. Barack Obama is “the first African-American president” after all. Obama had to be able to demonstrate a record of success without scandal or controversy to earn this historic title. The media tried to cover various scandals and controversies, even though it was sometimes difficult. They also did their best to give the impression that Obama had no scandals. This is a lie many people still believe to this day.

But I digress.

Joe Biden’s presidency is modeled after Barack Obama’s, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Biden threatened to use deadly force against American citizens who did not agree with his extreme agenda — particularly on gun control.

He said, “And we must pass universal background checks,” during his Friday speech at the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Winter Meeting. “It’s not a violation of the Second Amendment for God’s Sake.” I taught Constitutional Law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Even left-wing fact-checkers have admitted that Biden has never taught a course at the University of Pennsylvania.

He continued, “Look, people, the situation’s simple.” “You know when we passed the Second Amendment — guess what happened? You were not allowed to own a cannon. You — I’m not kidding. It’s not a joke. You couldn’t have certain things — you weren’t — certain restrictions applied to what you could own. […] “There have always been limits on what you can buy.”

Once again, this is not true. He has made similar claims before, but now he’s moving on.

Biden stated, “I love people who say the ‘blood’ of liberty or, excuse me, that ‘the tree’ of liberty is irrigated by the blood of patriots. I haven’t seen a lot of patriots out there making sure we have these guns.” If you want to be worried about the government you will need an F-16.

Umm. Excuse me. If you think that he is joking, then he says he wasn’t. “No, no, I am serious. “I mean, just think about it,” said he. I’m not kidding. “I’m not joking.

It’s not the first threat he has made against American citizens.

Biden has pledged that he will deploy drones and jet fighters in 2022 to combat those who refuse government authority.

Biden stated, “For those brave Americans of the right who claim that it is all about keeping Americans “independent and secure.” If you want to fight against a nation, you will need an F-15.” “You need a little bit more than just a gun.”

The following year, he made a similar statement. It’s not a one-time mistake; this is a talking point he has repeated over and over again. This is concerning, as Democrats have claimed for a long time that anyone conservative politically is a threat to democracy or a domestic terror. Is it that absurd to believe that a radical administration like the Biden administration will use weapons and military jets against American citizens that they have been comparing to terrorists?

If I said I was sure they would not, I would be lying.