Disturbing: Social Media Celebrates Canada’s State Medical Suicide Program


Feeling a little blue? Admitted “basic Chinese dictatorship” admirer Justin Trudeau, Canada’s sitting PM has a solution for the suffering peasants: just kill yourself, stupid! Fewer carbon emissions for the rest of us!

According to reports, the Canadian government killed 10,000 people in 2021 alone through its MAID program. Official numbers for 2022 are not in yet, but we can safely assume they will climb.

Veterans Affairs Canada, the Canadian equivalent to the VA in the US, has reportedly offered MAID to Canadian veterans as a sort of “final solution”.

The government encourages the mentally ill even to commit suicide: “In 2021 it was determined that Canadians who only have a mental disorder and meet all other eligibility criteria would not be eligible for MAID until March 17, 2023.”

MAID has also been adopted by other technocratic Western nations. The Guardian reported that the Netherlands was expanding its euthanasia laws to allow doctors to assist in the deaths of terminally-ill children between the ages of one and twelve.

Recently, social media has been flooded with posts celebrating this sick eugenicist program.

Jack, here’s the deal: If someone wants to commit suicide, it should not be normalized in any way. It’s inevitable that people with enough motivation will find a means to commit suicide, but that decision should be theirs alone, not the states.

People who respond with “But what about those who really suffer from a terminal disease and legitimately do not want to continue living because their prospects are so poor?” do not understand the implications that come along with condoning killings by state agents based on subjective criteria such as suffering.

The psychopathic totalitarians prey on the innate desire of non-psychopathic people to reduce human suffering in order to disguise their agenda as liberalism.

Do you remember those faces that get progressively more sad on a scale from 1 to 10, which nurses use in doctor’s offices to tell patients how much pain they are experiencing? This is because there’s no scientific way to measure pain. All subjective.

This is the most slippery slope in history.