Sen. Kennedy Perfectly Punctures the Biden Team for Abandoning Inflation and Gas Prices


Biden seems to have abandoned any efforts to combat inflation and high gas prices.

Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, has changed her mind. She no longer calls it “transitory”, but now says that she expects it will persist for a while.

From the WSJ:

Ms. Yellen stated that she expects inflation to continue rising, but that she hopes it will fall soon. She also said that the Biden administration had updated its March forecast that inflation would average 4.7% for this year. Consumer inflation has been above 8% in recent months. She said that although the numbers aren’t set in stone, they are likely to rise above the initial forecast of 4.7%.

“Hope” does not work as a strategy.

The outlook is not good.

David Malpass, president, and CEO of World Bank Group stated that “Several years of below-average inflation” seemed likely. “The danger of stagflation is significant.”

Is there any hope for those gas prices? Honestly, it does not look like it at all. Let’s hear Gina Raimondo, Biden’s Commerce Secretary.

Raimondo first deflected, using the Administration’s talking points that it was the fault of Vladimir Putin. Then she said Biden was asking Congress for ideas, but “the reality is that there isn’t very much more to be done.” They don’t actually want to do anything because it would interfere in that “incredible transition” Joe Biden was talking about to a fossil-free environment.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) sums up the Biden Administration’s response, as only he can. It’s hard to beat Kennedy when it comes to the folksy quotable. “When I feel inadequate, I just look around. On really bad days, I see liars, and frauds, and meatheads in every direction.” Kennedy said this is what the Biden-Harris D.C. has given the American people.

He pointed out that Yellen had admitted inflation was not temporary, but Biden still wants to promote more economic chaos by taxing and spending more. He said that “the price of gasoline is so high that it would cost less to buy cocaine and run everywhere” and Kamala Harris claims she has found the root causes of illegal immigration. She calls for American companies to invest $3Billion in Central American businesses. Kennedy spoke out against Kamala Harris’s opinion, saying that there is nothing more powerful than self-delusion. Kennedy stated that the reason people are coming in is that she and Biden have allowed them to come in. He demanded that the law be enforced. Kennedy said, “Do the same thing as we did the day before your election.” “The American people understand that,” Kennedy observed. That’s why Biden “is about as popular right now as a sinkhole.” Perfectly put.