Democrats Admit the True Purpose of J6 Hearings


Fox News is being criticized by the usual left-wing suspects. However, the Democrats’ January 6th Committee hearings air on prime time.

Hillary Clinton made a joke on Twitter about Fox News not airing the January 6 hearings because they prefer to hear their sedition at-site.

Rob Reiner tweeted “FOX won’t televise the hearings of greatest Crimes in Presidential History,” “Our Democracy hangs by one thread.” Meathead, I need you to cry a river.

These blatantly and pointless hearings are only allowed to be broadcast by any network for one reason. It does not have anything to do with the so-called rebellion.

This is not an assumption. They already admit it. Jan. Jan.

The report stated that Democrats are planning to use “made-for-television” moments and a carefully choreographed rolling out of revelations over six hearings…to convince voters that the upcoming midterm elections offer a chance for them to hold Republicans responsible.

The article quotes Democrat legislators, operatives, who admitted that hearings were held in order to distract voters from historical inflation and astronomical gasoline prices.

The article quoted several Democrats and operatives from the Democratic Party as saying that the hearings could give them the political power they need to win the midterm elections. They face rampant inflation, rising gasoline prices, and a war with Eastern Europe.

“When the hearings end, voters can see how irresponsibly co-operative Republicans attempted to to toss voter’s votes and just how far Republicans would be to win power themselves,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of DCCC.

Anat Shenker Osorio is the founder of ASO Communications. A left-wing political consulting firm claims that the hearings will encourage Democratic base to “surge votes” as well as “swing supporters.” ”

“Jan. According the New York Times, 6 seems extremely salient and is highly detrimental to these likely midterm voters,” she stated.

Republicans however have blasted the blatantly partisan hearings.

“Instead of focusing on $5 gas, 6,000 illegal immigrants a day, or the violent criminals terrorizing America,” Senator Marco Rubio (R.Fla.). Monday’s tweet.

The J6 Committee has been criticised for its false information, leaks and other problems. Democrats will have a chance to lie to the public using their political theater.