Chesa Boudin Has Been Recalled in San Francisco


First, Chesa Boudin was considered unlikely to be the San Francisco District Attorney. As the soft-on criminals’ policies implemented by Boudin started to unravel, even the champagne elite decided it was time for Boudin to go.

The organizers had collected large numbers of signatures which were verified. This was the first sign Californians were changing.

San Franciscans overwhelmingly supported recalling Boudin. Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported the first round of voting was 61% YES for recall, and 38% NO.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer Soros D.A.

The Washington Examiner:

San Francisco’s far-left District Attorney Chesa Boudin was voted out of office on Tuesday after facing a recall petition over his criminal justice platform voters saw as soft on crime.

Several networks called the race in favor of recall less than an hour after polls closed.

The recall effort against the Democratic district attorney became a bipartisan rallying call by Republicans eager to pounce against a public official whose progressive criminal justice reform policy created the image of lawlessness and danger in San Francisco. Meanwhile, local Democrats sought to contrast sharply their support for police reform with Boudin’s policies, widely seen as sympathetic to criminal suspects.

It’s always the “Republicans pounce” to blame. San Francisco is an overwhelmingly progressive Democrat, and the effort started with them. Apparently, even right-leaning publications fail to read the room.

This recall is also an indication of what’s to come for Boudin’s campaign to recall George Gascon (the Los Angeles County District Attorney). The recall Gascon organizers have already collected over half a billion signatures and are on track to collect the 566.857 verified signatures needed to place the recall on the November 2022 ballot.

Boudin joined his listening group shortly after the vote was called at 9:25 pm Pacific Time. One of his staffers went on a tirade about how the powerful and rich cannot run this city (good luck with that), and how Boudin did exactly what he promised.