School District Under Fire for Showing Videos Depicting Whites as Mosquitoes


Colorblindness is the best way to go. You should base your opinions on principles, not color. It’s better to have a color-blind outlook and base your opinion on principle, rather than color.

New Prague Schools, in New Prague Minnesota, showed videos in which whites were depicted in a way that was not entirely tongue-in-cheek as mosquitoes. I realized that they don’t do these things because they think we are stupid, but because they truly believe they are.

These videos are so ridiculous that you can tell their only intent is to inflame and divide.

“Just imagine, instead of being a stupid comment, a microaggression is a mosquito bite,” one of the videos on “microaggressions” states. In other words, any snide comment that white people make to anyone of color, even if they’re friends, is a “microaggression.”

Andrew Vollmuth, the New Prague superintendent is a young man. Vollmuth has a lot to learn about how people relate to one another.

It shows a man shooting someone who “looked like he was in trouble”. This video shows a man shooting a person who “looked as if he was having trouble “.

This video also explains the criminal agendas of the left. Although being bitten by a mosquito is annoying, it makes you want to “go ballistic” against them. However, this seems like an overreaction to people who only get bitten occasionally.

Translation of the sentence: It is acceptable for people of color to use violence against whites.

This video shows a woman using a flamethrower to kill mosquitoes.

The second video, “Our Hidden Biases”, follows a child who is of color in the office of a white social worker.

The fictional video travels back in time and lands on a white store owner (who else?) The boy, his two black buddies, and a white doctor were arrested for loitering. They claimed that the boy’s mom had broken his arm. A second story involved a boy and a white mother who left the playground as the boy was arriving with his parents.

Vollmuth continued to convince the people of his delusional nature in an interview given by Alpha News. He claimed that divisions could be healed through a focus on perceived irrational differences.

New Prague Area Schools is committed to creating an environment where all students can flourish academically and socially. We will also embrace the diverse backgrounds, views, and values of each student. We will be able to build a community of students who celebrate our differences.

Vollmuth defended the videos, stating that they were part of the staff’s professional development in order to “proactively respond to the needs of a growingly diverse community.” This professional development covered topics such as microaggressions, bias, and prejudice.

No, Mr. Vollmuth, these videos don’t address the needs of a diverse community. These racist cartoons emphasize hatred and division. They create conflict and aggression. They stereotype whites as aggressors and all minorities as ignorant. So ignorant, in your prejudiced opinion, that you felt they needed a cartoon to falsely alert them to something that doesn’t exist.

Your mosquito videos represent a disgusting, racist attempt to formulate hate. You should be ashamed, but Marxist sociopaths have no idea what that is.

Get rid of your anger and… fly away.