Influencer ‘Meatball’ in Tears After Facing Charges for Live-Streaming Philly Looting


We reported on the looting and violence that took place in Philadelphia Tuesday night. Apple, Lululemon, and Foot Locker were among the stores looted. The stores were flooded with large groups of people who stole everything they could. For example, over 100 young people entered the Lululemon store.

Dayjia “Meatball” Blackwell is a social media influencer from Philadelphia.

Blackwell recorded the looting at an Apple Store and challenged the police to find her.

She said, “Tell them they’re either going to lock me up tonight or it’s going to get lit, it will be a film,” at one point.

She screamed, “This is what we get when we don’t have justice in this town,” as she joined the crowd of youths in the street.

Blackwell’s footage showed hordes rushing into Apple Store and running off with iPhones and iPads.

“Free iPhones!” Blackwell shouted.

A wild video showed her screaming, “Everyone Must Eat,” as rioters looted an alcohol store.

It didn’t go well for “Meatball”.

The police were able to pinpoint Meatball’s location based on her social media posts. They then charged her with eight counts, including six felonies for her alleged involvement.

She was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and rioting with the intention to commit a crime.

Blackwell’s mugshot went from her laughing and challenging police to tears. She decided to film the situation and discovered that it did not go well.

She also had to pay a bail of $25,000, which she paid.

On Wednesday night, there was some looting and rioting. Over the course of two days, 52 people were arrested. On the second day, many stores were targeted. A Wells Fargo ATM had been stolen and ripped from its place.

It’s not “justice” to use someone’s death as an excuse to steal iPhones, expensive clothes, or liquor. That’s just using their death for your own enrichment. Whatever the truth of the shooting, it’s a reprehensible and false response. The left has been promoting and justifying this type of reaction for many years. The defunding of the police was another result of this. Some cities are now struggling to cope with crimes, such as this one.

It sounds as though Meatball will likely face justice with so many charges.