Sam Brinton Story Gets More Bizarre, as FBI and Vanity Fair Get Involved


Sam Brinton was a former Biden nuclear Energy official who was non-binary. Two separate felonies are pending against him for the alleged theft of luggage in two separate airport incidents.

He appeared in court last week on one of these charges.

On Thursday, a fashion designer saw Brinton wearing clothes by the designer. The bag she was carrying went “missing” at Reagan National Airport, in 2018.

Asya Khamsin, a fashion designer, now recognizes Brinton’s clothes and jewelry.

Brinton was also featured in Vanity Fair’s article on his “style”. And, lo and behold, he was allegedly wearing Khamsin’s dress.

A “style” that is taken from another. Vanity Fair couldn’t bear to show Melania Trump, but they did show Brinton which speaks volumes of their judgment.

Fox spoke to Khamsin.

Sarah Idan, former Miss Universe Iraq wrote “Omg !!!!!. He stole your designs and wore them on red carpets/public events to prove that he was pro-African-American wow. This is an unacceptable level! Idan replied with an embarrassing emoticon.

Ron DeSantis’ aide Christina Pushaw attributed the claims to the Biden administration’s push for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.

She tweeted “Whenever the Biden administration lectures me about DEI,” and photos of Brinton in Khamsin’s clothes have been shared.

Many people hoped Khamsin would face justice and be compensated for her clothes loss. Police and the airline filed a complaint but the bag was never located.

After seeing Brinton wearing what appeared to be her clothes, she filed a complaint with Houston police.

According to her husband, Khamsin received a call in January from the FBI in Minneapolis regarding the complaint.

“Houston police, I guess, they [sent] the case to the FBI in Minnesota,” Khamsin’s husband told Fox News Digital. “He called to say, ‘I’m [with] the FBI, I’m working on this case.’ Then my wife gave him the information and we didn’t hear anything. We don’t know whether the case is on. We don’t know whether the case is cold.”

It is not known if the FBI is still looking into the case, or if it has vanished down the memory hole. Because it’s a former Biden official, it might not receive the attention it deserves.