Train Company Hit With Class Action Lawsuit After Toxic Derailment In Ohio


After a train carrying harmful chemicals was derailled in February, Ohio residents filed a class action lawsuit against Norfolk Southern railroad. The toxic plume of chemical fumes sprayed the entire town with chemicals and polluted waters. The lawsuit states in its text that it is a class action suit.

The lawsuit stated that Johnson and Johnson (an Ohio-based firm) and Hagens Berman represented residents who lived within a 30-mile radius from the East Palestine crash site. Residents reported experiencing headaches and rashes and were concerned about the long-term impact the derailment could have on their community.

According to the lawsuit, residents were exposed to chemicals that caused “public nuisance,” which is a legal term that means “conditions that are hazardous to health and interfere with the enjoyment or property of others.” The derailment caused nearly 2,000 people to be evacuated. Vinyl chloride, and other toxic chemicals were also affected.

This happened in our backyard. “This happened in our backyard.

According the Environmental Protection Agency’s website University researchers have analysed EPA data Friday to determine if air quality could cause skin irritation or cancer.

Government officials including Michael Regan, EPA Administrator and Republican Governor. Mike DeWine also believes that water is safe to drink. He took local water and filmed it.

Norfolk Southern informed the DCNF that it was “unable” comment on litigation.