Ron DeSantis Saves Americans, Prompting Gavin Newsom to Travel to Israel for Attention


The California Governor who insists he’s not running for president of the United States in 2024 decided to send a message on X while on a plane to somewhere.

He’s so happy, even down to his Manolo Blahniks. One commenter noted that charity should start at home first before spreading abroad.

Newsom, when was the last visit to the southern border that you made? It’s especially important to note that part of the border passes through California. Did he visit San Bernardino in March last year to see how the heavy rainstorms, blizzards, and other weather conditions affected mountain residents of California? No. Governor Hair Gel was on a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, where he had other more important things on his mind. After the carnage, he declared a state of emergency and traveled the 400 miles or so to the southeast to assess the damage.

Federal assistance is finally available to those affected by the blizzard in California that has left at least 12 dead, and many more stranded without power and without heat.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared an emergency in the affected counties of San Bernardino and Humboldt. Mendocino and Placer are also included.

It sounds about right. Unfortunately, the carnage against Israel has already begun and continues. Newsom, who is a Johnny-come late, is also transparently envious. See, Newsom’s nemesis Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is already in the spotlight and has boosted his presidential credentials for doing what his federal government has failed miserably to do: get people out of Israel.

What exactly can Governor Homeless offer you? Gas prices are sky-high, the fifth-largest economy has a deficit of 32 billion dollars, and residents continue to leave the state. It’s awful, and I doubt that despite California’s 1.2 million Jews, they would ever say that Gavin Newsom should intervene in the Israel-Hamas War.

Here we are.

What Newsom failed to reveal in his hurriedly sent tweet was that Israel is only a pitstop on the way to… guess what… China.

Newsom met with Isaac Herzog, the Israeli president, before his trip to China to discuss policies for curbing global warming.

Newsom’s main concern: global warming. (And more China kickbacks? No doubt.) Israel was a convenient backdrop for a photo. Newsom is trying to regain the spotlight and outdo DeSantis before their scheduled debate.

Mission accomplished?