Biden’s Team is Desperate to Get Him to Stop Talking


We have been reporting on Biden’s response to reporters aboard Air Force One returning from Israel.

Biden’s answers were problematic, but I also noticed the expression of Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Biden’s sneering was evident when he said that Hamas needed to learn to “shoot right,” suggesting terrorists need to improve their shooting of innocent Israelis and Americans. Blinken sat on Biden’s shoulders like a hawk and you could see him trying to stop Biden.

But now there’s another angle out of that gaggle that shows it was even worse. Not only does it show Blinken, but it also shows how much White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby were freaking out about Biden continuing to speak.

This viral video has been circulating for a while now. It shows KJP trying her best to stop Biden. He snaps at her. Kirby pleads with Kirby, and Blinken appears to say “Stop”. Someone is narrating what’s happening.

Warning: Graphic language.

It’s real. The longer version is even worse. The Fox Alert runs for just over seven minutes. You can see KJP shake her head at Blinken as she tries to stop this.

This video shows how KJP steps in to stop the situation, telling them, “We’ve got to wrap it up, guys.” But Biden stops her, snapping at her, “Don’t.” Kirby then pleads “stop” with Blinken, at around 1:40 in the video.

Blinken’s reaction to the comment “learn how you can shoot straight” is visible at 6:11.

Biden’s statement — when talking about Gaza aid — that if there is an opportunity to ease the pain of those in Gaza, then you should take it — is absurd. He is more concerned about the suffering of those who hate us and are victims of their evil leaders.

Kirby and Blinken kept exchanging glances. Kirby’s response to Biden’s claim there was no pushback on his position regarding the aid, makes me believe there was. Biden also made contradictory statements. “No pushback”, “virtually no” and “no” are different.

Biden, at about 5 minutes into the video, takes a jab at Jim Jordan, when asked about Jordan’s predicament. He says, “I feel for him”, but then claims he doesn’t have a view. This is the “unifier”, showing up once again.

Kirby is particularly frantic. These people must have a tough job dealing with Joe Biden.

But it’s also very troubling. It’s their fault that Biden is in the position of power, and puts the U.S. at risk. You can see in their eyes how terrible it is. They could stop it. If they were ashamed, they would quit and tell the truth. They don’t and that’s the reason we’re in such a predicament.

Ric Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, had a good question. Would any reporters ask Kirby about his attempt to get Blinken to stop Biden from speaking?