Romney Lays Out Plan to Stop Trump in 2024


Good news everyone! Mitt Romney, (D but also R when needed-Utah), has a plan for victory in the 2024 presidential race. This plan includes removing Trump from the list of presidential candidates. In an op/ed published in The Wall Street Journal, Romney laid out his plan for victory. Romney, while lamenting that Trump is likely to be the nominee for the Republican Party, still holds onto the hope that The Donald could be defeated if the race was narrowed down before Trump “seals up” the nomination. Mega-donors, influencers, and other GOP leaders must convince candidates with no realistic chance of victory to withdraw from the race. It may be more difficult to achieve, but the risks of having disposable candidates in the race are too high.

Candidates with no chance of success have incentives to stay on the ballot. Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and others got paid for finishing behind the first place. Former New Hampshire Governor John H. Sununu said, “It’s fun to run for president when you know that you can’t win.”

Expect several candidates to remain in the race if they are left to their own desires. They will divide the non-Trump votes, giving him the victory. For winner-takes-all primaries, a plurality of votes is enough.

Romney has suggested that the date for his election is Monday, February 26. It is the first working day following the elections in New Hampshire and Iowa. He even suggests that donors of lower-tier candidates get them to promise to drop out if the prospects for their candidate are poor after Monday.

Remember that he was the guy who praised hot dogs last week. A man who hasn’t attended a single GOP state or county convention since he was running for Senate. I should know. I’ve visited more than he has.

It is remarkable that Romney doesn’t trust his party leaders to do what is right and send Trump out the door. He wrote:

Some donors may believe that the leaders of a party can narrow down their choices. It’s not true. The voters are not listening to the party officials either, so candidates don’t. The last people to encourage a candidate’s withdrawal are campaign staffers and consultants, who want to hold on to their jobs as long as they can. They boost candidates by promoting longshot prospects and slanting internal polls in their favor. I can almost hear “Dumb and Dumber “–“So, you’re saying there’s a possibility?”

It is not surprising that Romney does not have faith in party leaders, given his track record. This includes visits to the GOP faithful of Utah. It is likely that he does not put his trust in voters either. He trusts the money, though. It’s funny. Utah Republicans no longer support him.

I’ve been to enough conventions for me to know how quickly the fringe candidates are pushed aside. They may have a vocal but small group of supporters but in the end, they fold their tents and go home. There is a chance that some of the current candidates will not be able to raise enough money for the debates, and then they may fade into the background. Romney is worried that there will be so many candidates that the anti-Trump vote may become so spread out that Orange Man Bad could win. Pierre Delecto ignores a very important fact: In many polls, Trump consistently comes out on top with DeSantis in second place. In South Carolina, Trump was still ranked #1 but Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina came in second. Mitt, however, is confident that his strategy could lead to a resounding win for whichever party he favors at the time.

I don’t believe that Romney believes Trump will win the general elections. I don’t believe that Romney thinks he will be able to win a second term. What is Romney aiming for and who is he trying to impress?