Longtime Biden Aide’s Working for U.S. Attorney Weiss Fuels Speculation of Corruption


How did Hunter Biden receive such a generous plea agreement? Now we know another piece of the puzzle.

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner, a “close associate” of the Bidens spent years working in the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office. This included the months when whistleblowers claimed that the office had begun an investigation against Hunter Biden.

Alexander Mackler is a questionable associate. He was Joe Biden’s press secretary while he served in the U.S. Senate. He also served on the Biden-Harris Transition Team for 2020, as well as Beau Biden’s 2010 campaign to become Delaware Attorney General.

This man was close to Joe Biden and his family. Mackler called Hunter Biden his “brother” when he worked for David Weiss.

This report is disturbing.

Mackler’s close relationship with the Bidens raises the question of whether or not he should have ever been involved in an inquiry that involved the Bidens.

In what seemed to be his first official day as the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office’s attorney, he sent a message to Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, along with one of Hunter Biden’s partners, to discuss the policy for email retention.

Schwerin joked to Mackler that his response was “the last email you ever receive from me.”

Hunter Biden’s emails show that Mackler worked closely with the Bidens just a few weeks after he began working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Mackler edited public statements relating to the launch of an institute named after Joe Biden, at the University of Delaware, when he worked at the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Mackler sent an e-mail to Hunter Biden and Schwerin in late August 2016 after it seemed he started his new job at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Mackler’s email expressed his opinion about the public’s perceptions of Hillary Clinton and her lucrative work with the Clinton Foundation.

Mackler wrote: “When people leave the public sector, and they or their spouses no longer hold prominent government positions… they can do what they want and accept money from anybody who meets their barometer, and can stomach it.”

Weiss is already being targeted by House Republicans over the sweetheart deal Hunter Biden got, which experts claim to be unorthodox. Weiss, as well as Attorney General Merrick Garland, have contradictory statements regarding the authority Weiss had in investigating Hunter Biden and bringing charges. The new revelations are likely to raise further questions and could prompt an investigation from the House Oversight Committee.