Hunter Biden Associate Devon Archer Backs Out of Testifying Again


Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden as well as a Biden family member and his “best friend in the business”, canceled Monday’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee. Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden and a family associate who is also his “best business friend”, canceled Monday’s scheduled appearance to testify before the House Oversight Committee.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, spoke with Fox News and stated that Devon Archer canceled the deposition he was scheduled to participate in before the committee. Archer is currently under a subpoena from the committee but has now backed out three times, according to Breitbart News.

Archer’s legal team is still negotiating the date for his appearance in front of the committee. The committee wants Archer to testify by July 31, but why? Is Archer trying to analyze his words so he can implicate Hunter Biden, and not just himself, in illegal activities?

In June, Archer was originally subpoenaed by the committee to testify about the Bidens’ business dealings.

The Committee’s review and public reports show that Mr. Archer played a major role in the Biden Family’s overseas business dealings, including but not limited to China, Russia, and Ukraine. Your client met Vice President Biden several times, including at the White House, while undertaking these business deals with Biden’s Family.

Hunter Biden and Archer’s friendship lasted for many years. Both attended Yale in the late 1990s. Archer served as the vice-chairman for finance of John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. He also met Chris Heinz, Kerry’s stepson and business partner of the Bidens.

Archer was a key player in his family’s business affairs. There are photos from 2014 of Archer golfing with Vice President Joe Biden.

Guess what was on the board of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine? Along with the younger brother of President Biden – Hunter Biden – a troubled person? Archer. Archer resigned from his position as a Burisma board member after his arrest in 2016 Biden’s closest friend, who was found guilty in 2022 of defrauding a tribal Indian American entity, was ordered to pay.

The report continues:

Archer’s largest deals have been with Bohai Harvest, a Chinese entity controlled primarily by state-owned interests.

Background: In December 2013, Hunter Biden played a key role in creating a Chinese private equity fund called Bohai Harvest RST. American partners held their shares through a shell company named Rosemont Seneca Thornton. Senate Investigators later revealed that Yelena Baturina, the former billionaire wife of Moscow’s longtime mayor, transferred $3.5m in February 2014 to Rosemont Seneca Thornton. Hunter Biden’s possible relationship with a Russian Oligarch was raised by this.

Hunter Biden told Archer, in 2019, that he is a member of the Biden Family. The price of power for him is persecution.

He said: “Each great American family is persecuted, and you are part of it — not as a show-off or to be abandoned in your darkest hour.” “That is how Bidens are different, and you’re one.” “It is the price of power. “