Rockets Strike US Embassy in Baghdad: Is This the Start of a Wider Conflict?


On Friday, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad (Iraq) was attacked.

Media accounts described the attack as a “rocket strike” against American forces and their allies.

The announcement will tell people to “duck, cover, and wait” while staying away from windows.

Officials said that the attack only caused minor damage, but no injuries were reported.

Fox’s Jennifer Griffin reported that a senior U.S. Defense official told her that the rounds she saw in the U.S. embassy compound were not rockets but seven 60mm rounds, which are smaller than those fired by Iranian proxy forces at U.S. military bases in Iraq or Syria.

This latest attack against the U.S. Embassy and its forces, while no group has claimed responsibility for it, is thought to be the work of Iranian-aligned militants.

The official said to the AP that “we again call upon the government of Iraq to do everything in its power, as we have done many times, to protect diplomatic personnel and Coalition partners and their facilities”, as they had done before. “We reiterate our right to self-defense and to protect personnel wherever they are in the world.”

Mohammed Shia al-Sudani (the Iraqi Prime Minister) called this “a terrorist attack”.

Prime Minister said that targeting diplomatic missions like the U.S. Embassy “cannot justified” and that the attack was an insult to Iraq’s security and stability. He promised to “pursue perpetrators.”

The attack was the first on the Embassy after the outbreak of the Israeli-Hamas conflict, but there have been numerous other drone and rocket attacks against American assets in Iraq or Syria since the war began.

Can we expect a real reaction to this issue from the Biden Administration?

The Biden team has responded minimally to the dozens of attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria, which have led to dozens of injuries. The Biden team’s response hasn’t stopped the attacks yet. They need to take action that has a real impact if they want to stop these attacks. Former President Donald Trump did this when he eliminated Qassem Solimani.