Rep. Mike Collins’ Christmas Display Roasts the Bidens and Wins the Internet


Rep. Mike Collins’ (R-GA), congressional office is located on the second level of the Longworth Building.

On the second floor, it’s tradition to put up Christmas displays outside of the offices. There’s also a competition to see who can make the best display. Collins’ display shows that people take the competition seriously and go all out.

Collins told Fox Digital that he “wanted to win” when he described the display. It looks like Collins has a good chance of winning. His attention to detail has already won the internet. Collins said that each member of his team contributed to the display.

“We like poking fun at everybody,” Collins said. They poked fun at many people, but they had a particular place for Joe Biden.

Then they had a large backing of wrapping paper, and a cutout of Mariah Carey who said that all they wanted for the Christmas season was to pass twelve appropriations bills. There was also a big bag of coal that went to Hamas. Xi Jinping sent gifts to Joe Biden pseudonyms Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and “The Big Guy” as well as “Quid Pro Joe”. Also, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia provided impeachment-themed wrapping paper. The House Republicans have just released an impeachment motion against Joe Biden.

A large cutout of Hunter Biden was displayed with the sign “Let it snow.” This was a nice touch. Snowflakes were decorated with liberal memes or famous names. Hillary Clinton was one of the Elves on the Shelf behind Hunter. Santa’s “Naughty list” included Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, as well as the College Football Playoff Committee. The “star” of the tree was racing legend Dale Earnhardt. Collins also had other Georgia-related items, including homages to Georgia’s pecans and pears, and internet memes that he posted throughout the year. Collins has a Festivus display and a trucking pole because he used to be in trucking.

Collins said that Dale Earnhardt had been a hero to his father, and so he placed his picture at the top of the Christmas tree.

It sounds like they had a lot of fun putting it together. This is a wonderful commentary on many things that happened in the last year as well as Joe Biden’s problems. It’s hard to imagine that the Squad will be happy to hear that Hamas gets coal this year.