Crime Wave Sweeps NYC as Illegal Immigrants Target Homes


When it comes to the border, the biggest beneficiaries of the chaos are the drug cartels. They are raking in billions of dollars from smuggling drugs, human beings, and anything else they can get across the border— humans, once they have been smuggled into the country and have been shipped literally to every corner, now owe the cartels a lot of money. What do they do?

Blakeman said,

They’re here because they owe the cartels money for transporting them across the border. If they don’t repay that money their families will be severely harmed, if not even killed, in their home country. So they commit all sorts of crimes, including burglary and shoplifting. ”

A group of illegal immigrants in Washington, D.C., has been running a burglary network in the wealthy Asian community.

The Border Patrol has seen approximately 6.5 million illegal immigrants at the southern border in the three years since Joe Biden became president. This steady flow shows no sign of slowing down, but the only ones who seem to be grateful for Joe Biden are the immigrants themselves.

Joe Biden is not looking good as we approach an election year. According to the latest CNN poll, Biden has a 37 percent approval rating. When you look at it by issue, it gets worse. In a Real Clear Politics survey, Joe Biden received 63 percent disapproval for his job in immigration.

Joe Biden may not have pleased Americans, but he has been a good businessman for smuggling. He can charge immigrants carrying all their belongings up to $2,000 to cross the border. That adds up to about $80 million a year.

According to Biden’s administration, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country is “humane”. The administration has not explained how making people criminals to pay human smugglers and prevent their deaths is humane.