Robert Sarver Announces He Is Selling Phoenix Suns and Mercury


The Society of the Perpetually Offended added another team to the ring on September 21st. Robert Sarver, the owner of the NBA (Phoenix Suns) and WNBA (Phoenix Mercury), announced that he was going to sell the teams because of the avalanche he has unleashed from a large fat mouth.

Sarver said Wednesday that he believes that atonement is possible and that forgiveness can be made as a man who has faith.

It is now clear that this is impossible in today’s harsh climate. It is now painfully obvious that any good I have done or could do has been outweighed by my past statements. I am looking for buyers for Suns and Mercury.

Sarver’s language-based and misogynistic dumbassery should not be condemned. This incident is a good example of the only sin society considers a racial epithet. This involves repeating the words and actions of another ethnic group member without agreement.

Let’s forget the protests by social media featherweights that Sarver should stop making money from selling teams. Let’s forget about the cries from social media featherweights demanding Sarver stop making a profit by selling teams.

This idea was further explored by Phil Boaz of the Arizona Republic.

James Jones, the general manager of LeBron James’ team, was a long-time friend. He is currently the greatest basketball player.

Lebron James had this to say about James Jones. He is the best friend I’ve ever had.

Boaz’s article focuses on Cathy Engelbert’s glowing praises for Sarver’s tenure as Mercury owner. It becomes apparent that Sarver is a man who makes dirt with his tongue, but creates diamonds by the work of his hands.