South Korean President Caught On Hot Mic Expressing Contempt For Biden At UN General Assembly


It is no secret that Joe Biden lacks credibility and respect from foreign leaders. We have never heard the kind dripping contempt expressed by Yoon Suk-yeol, South Korean President, on a hot microphone recording that was obtained by South China Morning Post.

Biden addressed the UN General Assembly in his annual speech. He promised to increase the U.S. contribution the UN Global Fund, a promise which would require congressional approval. In colorful language, President Yoon expressed concern about Biden’s ability to accomplish this in his annual speech to the UN General Assembly.

Yoon asked his aides to answer a question on Wednesday.

Fox News:

Yonhap reports that a South Korean official said to reporters that he wasn’t speaking on the stage, but was only passingly.

“It’s inappropriate to draw a connection between private remarks and diplomacy accomplishments,” the official said, referring to criticisms that Yoon had caused a diplomatic catastrophe. “It is very regrettable that a diplomat disaster is being discussed over something like this when he is doing all he can to complete a demanding agenda in the national interests of the Republic of Korea.”

Yoon’s spokesperson responded in a manner worthy of Biden, claiming that he had never said it.

Kim Eun-hye, the presidential spokeswoman, said that Mr Yoon didn’t actually say “Biden”, but a Korean word with a similar sounding, and was referring to South Korean parliament, not the US Congress.

Many people were not convinced by the government’s defense – an opposition MP stated that it was like telling Koreans that they were “hearing impaired”.

Former prosecutor, Mr Yoon only got into politics last year. He won the presidential election earlier this year by less that 1%.

According to correspondents, he is well-known for his lapses in judgment and has struggled with low approval ratings since being elected.

It’s all about what works in politics. Unfortunately, Mr. Yoon doesn’t believe that much works — lies or the truth. His approval ratings are very low and he has angered the nation by saying last year about the president who massacred protesters 1980 that “He was good at political thinking.”

Biden enjoys talking about how he “restored American prestige” abroad. The comments of Mr. Yoon would suggest otherwise.