Rage Against the Machine Has Become the Machine


Confession: Rage Against the Machine is a band I have always hated. Although I don’t like rap-rock, their politics are what bother me most. Many of my peers ignored or missed Rage’s clear Marxist messages, but I was able to see through it.

MTV highlighted the glowing profiles of Tom Morello, founding guitarist, for his radical activism. Their videos did not hide what their lyrics meant.

Rage has maintained an anti-authoritarian philosophy since its inception. Witness their famous song, “Killing In the Name”, whose opening line consists of the phrase, “F***ing you, I won’t do what you said me” sixteen times.

Their rhetoric is more like this meme that I saw on Twitter these days:

Meme from Twitter of Jake Shield, a former UFC and MMA fighter, tweeted a photo taken at one of the band’s Monday shows:

Although trans propaganda is a part of the far left’s repertoire, it’s clear from their posturing on COVID-19 and their stance on transgenderism that they are no longer raging against this machine. Shields’ tweet proves that they have become the machine.

According to reports, the band encouraged fans to get the jabs to avoid being “grandma murderers.” They also sent out a newsletter earlier this year that promoted lockdowns.

Shields replied later to himself, “You either live young or you live long enough for yourself to become the villain.” The uncensored version above is also available, although some of the replies are very priceless.

One user asked the question and answered, “Were they ever against the machine?” I doubt it.”

Another user shared an amazing revelation: “It’s really frightening to realize that this band that I thought was edgy and anti-establishment when I was growing up is actually a commie Jam Band.” BINGO!

This comment was especially funny to me: “Whole thread of people discovering that RATM has always been a left-wing group. It’s mind-boggling.

Rage Against the Machine demands concertgoers have the COVID vaccination before they can attend a show. This is exactly the kind of authoritarian move the band claims it opposes. Errol Webber, a filmmaker, noticed this fact last year.

John Cooper, the frontman of Christian rock band Skillet, also spoke on Apologia Radio. He spoke out on the YouTube channel Apologia Radio in December about the lack of freedom to express opinions regarding the vaccine. He specifically mentioned Rage Against the Machine as a revolutionary.

Cooper stated, “What’s really strange to me is that I’ve been speaking about my faith in Christ for long, long times in the mainstream world.” Let’s face it, not everyone in the mainstream world loves that. Although they don’t always love Jesus, they are open to hearing my stories and have even supported me. However, I will tell you the truth: The most significant kickback I received for my faith was on my position on vaccine mandates. It’s almost as if it were an unforgivable crime.

He continued, “You are not allowed to say anything against …”. “It’s absurd that Rage Against The Machine is telling people that if they don’t get a vaccine, Rage Against The Machine will take over. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I’m the revolutionary, Rage Against The Machine’s music is mere ‘government rock’ right now.

The band also regurgitated left-wing transgender propaganda and race propaganda with awkward phrases about “birth-givers”, who are suffering from “maternal mortality.”

Notice how they capitalized “Black”, as many people love to do these days. However, they left “white” lowercase which could offend a large portion of their audience.

All this shows that Rage Against the Machine’s cranky, middle-aged commies are nothing more than leftist gardeners, uttering the same tired, sad lines we hear from the left everywhere else. They’ve also become authoritarians who are not rock-and-roll.