ICE Will Take Illegal Aliens Across State Lines for Abortions


While in U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody pregnant illegal aliens can be given “full reproductive health care” including the possibility of being moved to a state that permits abortion access.

“This memo serves to remind you about existing ICE standards and policy that require that pregnant persons in ICE Immigration custody receive full reproductive health care,” Tae John, acting ICE Director wrote to Corey Price, head of ICE Enforcement Operations. The Wall Street Journal received the memo and recently published it.

Johnson stated, “This is also a reminder that, pursuant to ICE policy it may become necessary for a pregnant person in a zone of responsibility (AOR) or to another AOR whenever appropriate and practicable, to ensure such access. ”

The federal law prohibits government funding of abortions. However, it does not cover transporting pregnant women to abortifacient centers.

Wall Street Journal:

According to ICE regulations, abortions can be performed on immigrant children under its custody if there is rape or sexual incest or if the mother’s life or health is in danger.

A source close to the memo said that it would likely be sent this week. It would mark the first federal law enforcement agency in the country to strengthen reproductive rights in federal custody. Many of these people are currently completing their asylum applications.

This memo was created to limit the power of Republican governors. They can now impose restrictions on abortion in state laws that permit it.

It is not clear how many immigrants this policy will affect. Last summer, President Biden issued ICE a separate policy that instructs officers to not arrest or detain pregnant women.

These policies add to the list of policies the Biden administration has been supporting abortion rights. Monday’s new guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services instructed hospitals that they must perform abortions and offer emergency services.

Trump’s immigration officers were accused of encouraging teenage girls to not have an abortion. A federal court settled the case, ruling that the administration had violated their rights and denied minors the right to abortion.

Are we sure today’s unaccompanied minors don’t have to have an abortion? No one will hear about the parents pushing their children to have abortions if they are pregnant teens.