Post-Verdict Bombshell: Democrats Face Regret in First Poll After Trump Trial


Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, said on Thursday that the whole purpose of the fake prosecution of Trump was to allow Joe Biden and Democrats to refer Trump as a felon.

He told Greta van Susteren, NewsMax: “You and I will hear these words repeated about 1 billion time by Democrats and corporate media between now and Election Day.” “That was exactly the point: to shout felons, felons, felons, felons. It was political, not legal.”

Will it work? The strategy seems to be backfiring dramatically. Trump’s campaign raised $35 million in less than 24 hours, mostly through small donors, including 30% of first-time donors.

A new poll by the Daily Mail shows that Trump’s approval has increased since the verdict.

The paper reports that “Teflon don rides again, according an exclusive snapshot poll for who found that the guilty verdict at Manhattan only improved his standing with likely voters before the 2024 elections.”

In the poll, 22% of respondents said that Donald Trump’s 34 convictions had improved their opinion of him. Only 16% of respondents reported a change in perception. “That six-point net positive result is another sign of the way the businessman-turned-politician seems able to ride out crises that would sink anyone else,” the paper observed. In a tight race, this could be enough for him to win.

The Daily Mail:

A 42-year old hip-hop DJ from Illinois voted for Joe Biden, a 2020 candidate, and said that the money was wasted.

The numbers indicate a net four-point positive impact on independent voters. This group could determine who becomes the next President in November.

The Trump campaign also announced that it had experienced a fundraising bonanza after the verdict. It raised $34.8 million in small dollar donations, nearly doubling its daily record haul.

Our poll was conducted just hours after the jury foreman of Manhattan Criminal Court announced 34 guilty verdicts.

J.L. Partners, who conducted the poll on behalf of the Daily Mail used an online panel consisting of 400 likely voters, to determine the impact that the verdict would have on the election. Many Trump supporters called the trial “a sham” or “a witch hunt.”

James Johnson, of J.L. Partners. “But those who are willing to change their minds feel more positive, by a margin 6 points. This is outside the margin of error for the poll, and we say that this is significant.

Trump’s popularity isn’t limited to Republicans.

Johnson added: “It includes Independent voters as well.” Look at the reasons and it’s clear why. People feel that it was a political trial, and they view Trump as an ‘advocate’ for what they perceive as injustice.

“We’ll see how that translates in the polls of voting intentions over the next few days and weeks,” he said. This poll suggests that the fundamentals in this race may not change much.