Fiery Critique: Trump Adviser Slams College Republicans’ Response to New York Verdict


Former Vice President Mike Pence called former President Trump’s conviction in the New York hush-money case “outrageous” and “further divided us.” He jumped to the defense the man he has declined to endorse this year in the presidential race.

Pence stated that the conviction of Trump for charges based on political motives was an outrage, and a disservice to our nation. Pence said that while no one is above law, our courts should not be used to target political opponents.

Pence said that he agreed with Trump’s criticisms, calling the case a “political prosecutor” and that he believes the conviction will be reversed on appeal.

Pence stated that “this conviction sends an awful message to the world about the American Justice System and further divides us in a time where the American people struggle under the failed policies the Biden Administration at home and abroad.”

Trump became the first former President to be convicted of an offense on Thursday when a Manhattan jury found him guilty of all 34 counts for falsifying records of business in a case relating to a 2016 hush-money payment.

Former President Bush has been defending himself, saying that the trial was “rigged”, and he is “a very innocent person.”

Pence was loyal to Trump during his administration and ran on the same ticket as him in 2020. He won the White House and served as his second-in command. The pair split after the riots on Jan. 6, 2020, at the U.S. Capitol. Pence, who was a vocal critic of Trump’s presidency this year, also unsuccessfully ran for the nomination to run against him.

Pence, who had dropped out of the GOP primaries months earlier, said in March that it was no surprise he would not endorse Donald Trump for president this year.