Portland’s Antifa Thugs Strike Again


An anti-fascist activist from Portland was found not guilty of robbing a journalist and taking his phone. He did this because he disagreed with the reporting on his Antifa friends. After the Portland judge released the antifascist, he gave a lecture to Andy Ngo, the victim.

Portland, there’s your justice.

Ngo sought justice in court against John Hacker for over three-and-a-half years. Hacker is one of many activists who have made it a point to chase, harass, and attack Ngo on multiple occasions.

The Post Millennial reported Hacker confronted Ngo at a Portland 24-Hour Fitness facility, where he assaulted him, poured water on his face, and then stole his phone. Ngo captured a portion of John Hacker’s attack on video.

The news site reported that Hacker’s video was less than 30 seconds in length, but that it is a crucial piece of evidence. Hacker approached Ngo and grabbed the device.

The judge was informed by the Deputy District Attorney that Hacker had waged a harassment campaign against Ngo over many years.

Hacker was indeed part of the mob that chased Ngo downtown Portland. This forced Hacker to hide at a posh Hotel.

Another incident saw Antifa thugs pour a cement-like mix all over Ngo’s face, beating him. This sent the journalist to the hospital with brain injuries.

Hacker testified that he went after Ngo and stole his phone because Ngo doxxed his Antifa friends. Then Hacker testified that he doxxes the right people, “violent people” and “Nazis.”

Ngo noted on Twitter that his attacker confessed to “dumping liquid on me, confronting and hitting me, stealing [my phone] & fleeing.”

The judge was not moved by Ngo’s attack or the relentless stalking of Antifa. Judge Eric Dahlin instead lectured the men as though Ngo was guilty or had requested to be attacked and his phone stolen from Hacker. Dahlin said to them that “if anyone is really interested in making positive changes to the society, I would ask you all to examine your own methods and ask yourself, Are these methods helpful?” Are you actually seeing a positive change?

It would be interesting if the judge asked all victims of assault if they wanted to “examine [their] methods”.

Ngo, who is stressed by Antifa’s repeated attacks on him, was asked by DDA “if it was because he’s in the presence of Mr. Hacker.” Ngo replied, “Yes because he’s nervous to be there.” Hacker’s “friends,” undoubtedly, were present in the courtroom ready to follow Ngo. It’s possible to count on it.

Hacker and his associates have been harassing Ngo for many years. Ngo reports on Antifa activities in Portland. He often uses police mug shots to upset the antifa-hardened crowd. Ngo was one of the few journalists who reported on the thugs after Antifa assaulted another Portland journalist.

Hacker was the attacker of Ngo when I spoke with him for my Adult in the Room podcast. It’s fascinating to listen, even if it is only for the reason that Hacker explains how his motives are pure as the driven snow.

Hacker, Ngo’s attacker is third from right in the third row.

He is one of many Antifa leaders who were arrested by Portland Police and then released.

Hacker made a partial apology in court. He said that it was an impulsive choice that I regret.

Hear my interview. He isn’t sorry.

Hacker is being sued by Ngo in civil court