Dem Mayor Criticizes Texas Gov. Abbott For Busing Illegal Migrants To His Sanctuary City


Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott was criticized by Jim Kenney, a Democratic Philadelphia Mayor. At Wednesday’s press conference, Greg Abbott was accused of busing illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city.

According to the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management, there were 28 people who arrived on Wednesday morning. Only two of them plan to remain in the sanctuary city. Abbott has been transporting thousands of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities run by Democrats, including New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City, for months. This is to convey a message to Biden about the influx at our border.

“It’s sad and shocking that Gov. Kenney stated during the presser that Abbott and his administration continued to use immigrant families, including children as pawns to shamelessly push for their racist and cruel policies.

“We won’t play into sensationalism. He said that we will continue to support and welcome anyone who wishes to live or visit our city. We also thank our media partners who showed restraint and respect for the privacy and dignity of travelers, particularly the children.

The emergency medical services transported one child to the hospital with a parent. However, no additional details were provided by the city officials.

Philadelphia officials had been preparing for the bus for several months but only discovered about the first bus through Abbott’s press release one day earlier.

Kenney stated, “I think they’re having a lot of fun and enjoying playing in with other people’s lives.”

He continued, “It’s terrible enough to send them. But, again, pick up your phone and say, “This bus is departing, this is how many people on it, and this is where they’re going to drop them off, and where do you want them to drop them off?”

Kenney reminded illegal migrants that they were “welcomed here,” however.

“At its core, this humanitarian crisis started in South and Central America. It is being accelerated now by political dynamics within our country.”

Kenney stated, “It amazes me that politicians including the governor of Texas talk a lot about Christian values but show very little or none.”

Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to a request to comment.