Trump Announces at Mar-A-Logo His Run for President in 2024


Depending on whether he wins, it was either with gleeful anticipation or a sense of foreboding that conservative eyes turned to Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night for Donald Trump’s second term as President.

Melania and Trump took the stage at 9:00 Eastern. He sang “God Bless the USA”, by Lee Greenwood. Trump thanked the audience for their support and said that they were at the heart of a great movement within the most powerful country on the planet. Trump also said that such a movement may never again happen. ”

Trump declared his candidacy for president of the United States tonight to cheers from the crowd.

He stated that the country was flourishing and doing well. His administration could simply relax and enjoy low taxes and a secure border.

Trump said that he had gained the respect of America’s enemies and defeated ISIS. He also mentioned the incident with the Polish missiles.

He said that the president of the United States, who “falls asleep at global conferences”, has led to nuclear war and that there is no concern over nuclear weapons. ”

He stated that America had been ridiculed, denigrated, and brought to its knees “like no other” but that people were there tonight to protest.

Trump claimed the fall of America was being forced upon America, by Biden, the radical Left. Congressman Kevin Kylie was his endorser.

He claimed that his endorsement success rate was 223 wins to 22 and that he had made changes to the country’s policies regarding trade and border security. He suggested that the Senate’s finances are in dire straits and that the people should vote to elect Herschel Walk.

Trump reiterated the pledge to be the voice of the people and said that he would fight to the death to stop the Washington establishment from destroying the country.

Trump said that many countries hate him deeply. Trump also stated that he would make sure that Joe Biden does not receive four more years and that the country cannot take any more of the Biden system.

He stated that he received the most votes in 2020 for any sitting president and that he would again. He also noted his successes with Latino voters and forecast a higher turnout since Latinos were excited about the prospect of building the wall.

“This campaign will be focused on visions and issues, as well as success.” He stated that he would not rest until America achieves its highest goals and is more than ever before. He called for bold ideas and daring ambitions and urged Americans to work together to achieve the highest goals and make America great again.

Trump had already filed paperwork with FEC earlier in the day, so the announcement was inevitable.

Many Republicans believed that Trump would take his time and not rush to get in office before the Georgia election between Raphael Warnock & Herschel Walker.

Trump was also criticized after the 2022 midterm election when many conservatives felt he was a hindrance for all races. Many people believe that Trump will run for President in 2024.

Many are proud of Trump’s accomplishments while in office. Many are proud of Trump’s achievements while in office.