Poll Reveals 80% of Likely GOP Voters Support Trump’s Ability to Serve as President Despite Conviction


A poll released on Sunday revealed that 80 percent of Republican primary voters believed that Trump would be allowed to run for president again even if found guilty in the federal case involving classified documents. Only 20 percent of GOP primary voters agreed that Trump’s candidacy should be denied if found guilty. Trump has been indicted on 37 counts relating to documents taken from his Mar-a-Lago property last August.

Only 12 percent of likely GOP primary voters expressed concern that the documents threatened national security, but 76 percent believed the indictment was politically motivated. Another 12 percent expressed both concerns.

The majority, 61 percent, felt the indictment wouldn’t change their opinion of the former President. 18 percent thought that further information would be needed to change their mind.

Two-thirds of GOP primary voters who are likely to vote in 2024 would prefer Trump not to discuss the ongoing investigations against him during the campaign. However, 39 percent said they preferred Trump to speak out.

In an imaginary Republican primary, former president Trump is leading with 61 percent of respondents saying they will vote for him. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows in second place with only 23 percent.

A poll conducted between June 7 and 10 involved 2,480 American adults. Of these, 1,798 Americans were contacted after Trump’s indictment was revealed. For the subgroup of Republican primary voters who are likely to vote for Trump, the margin of error was 5.5 percentage points.

Trump will appear in Miami federal court on Tuesday for his arraignment. He will be the first former president in U.S. History to face federal charges. Trump announced on Saturday that he intends to continue running even if convicted.

Team Trump announced on Sunday that after his court appearance, he would be attending the inaugural major fundraiser for his campaign for president. This fundraiser will take place in Bedminster N.J. at what advisers claim will be the beginning of a series of donor gatherings across the country.

The campaign estimated that the event would raise $2 million. Donations flooded in quickly after Trump’s indictment in Manhattan. In the first 24 hours, the campaign had raised $4 million. Over 25 percent of donations came from former Presidents who were first-time contributors. At the end of day three, this number jumped to $7 million.

According to the invitation, supporters who donate at least $100,000 can attend a candlelight dinner. They will also be invited to a VIP reception with special guests and elected officials. The proceeds from the event will be split between a joint fundraising group that will share contributions with the Trump campaign and Trump’s Save America PAC.