Gamers Unite Against Activist Indoctrination of Children


Gamers are proud of their long history of resisting the woke culture, while also being targeted by radical leftists and social justice activists.

The incident started with an attack by Antifa activists and LGBTQ activists against Armenian Americans in Glendale, California. They were protesting that the school was forcing LGBTQ lessons on the children. Leaked emails showed that administrators even instructed teachers to tell children that they are “socialists” and “queers.”

Parents were attacked by activist groups when they came to protest. This led to police arrests and intervention.

The first punch was not thrown, but it was spun that the parents (usually a peaceful group) had attacked the Pro-LGBTQ group (which included the violent Antifa). Nick Mercs – one of the biggest names in the game streaming industry – was prompted to say something that set the internet ablaze, but he probably shouldn’t given the logic behind it.

“They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue,” said Mercs.

The gaming community split in two, with the majority siding with Mercs. Activision was one of the companies that did not support him. They are the makers of Call of Duty, the biggest first-person shooting game in the world.

Mercs is a prominent figure in the Call of Duty stream. He’s so popular that developers added him as a character to the game, complete with unique equipment.

Call of Duty removed these skins after Mercs declared that LGBT activists should not bother children. They stated, “We are focused on celebrating Pride with our employees and community”.

The response was immediate, with gamers swearing off the title and Mercs’ Twitch followers skyrocketing. Mercs explained later that he had his own child and he would prefer to have these conversations with his child rather than the school.

*language warning*

It didn’t end there. Activision’s decision to punish Mercs over what was a normal thing to say led to two other notable events.

Dr. Disrespect, a streaming legend, sided with Mercs. He publicly uninstalled Call of Duty: Warzone from his stream. He also said that he would not return until Mercs apologized for punishing him in the way they did.

Call of Duty continued to take hits as TimtheTatman – a streamer who received his own bundle in Warzone – demanded that developers remove his bundle as well and that he side with Mercs as a protest.

Call of Duty has announced that the TimtheTatman package was removed.

Call of Duty is now facing its own Bud Light moment. Jeremy Griggs of “Geeks + Gamers” has led people to respond to each tweet by Call of Duty or Activision by saying “Leave the Children Alone.”

Call of Duty’s player base will be affected by the backlash, but Warzone’s player base has been declining for some time.

The gaming community has once again rebuked the LGBTQ community. The last time this happened, was in February, when gamers told the LGBTQ community they would not be intimidated or bullied into not playing Hogwarts Legacy. The game is connected to Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling who the transgender activists consider their literal devil.

The game was a huge success, and despite attempts to label and go after streamers who showed open enthusiasm for it, it broke sales records. A sequel is already in the works. There are also rumors that the game pushed HBO into approving a Harry Potter episode remake for MAX involving Rowling.

The gaming community has once again proven to be the loudest and most unmoved when it comes down to the radical activism of social justice groups. Even though it is one of the largest and most diverse communities on the planet, it appears that the majority agrees that there are certain lines that you don’t go over.