Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on Soaring Gas Prices


Joe Biden spoke the quiet part loudly on Tuesday at a press conference jointly held with Fumio Kirshida, Japan’s Prime Minister. He called the skyrocketing gas prices an “incredible transformation” that would, “God willing,” make the world stronger and less dependent on fossil fuels.

The United States has unprecedented gas prices. Every state reports an average price per gallon of over $4 for the first time.

However, in parts of the country like California, the average price of a gallon regular gas was $6.06 on Monday.

During Monday’s press conference, Biden stated that his administration had taken steps to stop the pump price from rising further. This included the release of 1,000,000 barrels of oil from U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“And what I have been able do to prevent it getting worse — it’s terrible. As a child, I remember telling you that the price of gas at a pump was an issue that would have been a topic of great discussion at our kitchen table. It affects many families,” Biden stated.

Biden doesn’t say anything radical environmentalists haven’t said before. Except that he is the president of the United States, and is gloating about the pain his policies have caused.

Radicals demand high energy prices. They want electricity to be more expensive. They are thrilled about the high prices of gasoline. If you are in the coal industry, they want to make you lose your job.

They don’t get some perverse pleasure from making your life miserable. These people want these things for the best — best of all possible, best for themselves, best for the rest of the world.

They are so smarter than you. They aren’t influenced by right-wing disinformation.

Fossil fuels can be dangerous. They are messy and smelly, making them difficult to remove from the ground is a pain, and the environmentalists shouldn’t be discouraged from drilling offshore. Or wherever there are feathered friends or fuzzy little creatures. (Officially, wind farms kill millions of birds each year, but there are plenty more from their origins).

It is far more beneficial to use solar power, made using the most toxic chemicals possible, or wind power which, as we have already mentioned, kills millions of birds, including the pretty ones.

It is worth paying more to heat your home or fill up your car, but it is a small price that radical environmentalists can pay to save the environment and feel valued and helpful.

If Biden really believes that sky-high energy costs will make us stronger when it’s over, he should run for reelection to trumpet his remarkable achievement in impoverishing families through deliberately and knowingly implementing policies designed to inflict suffering and pain on American citizens.