Pelosi’s Blunt Warning: “Never Share the Stage with Trump,” as Debates Are Confirmed


America, Trump Derangement Syndrome can be a crippling disease. It’s a hideous sight for those suffering from Stage 4 TDS like Nancy Pelosi.

It’s also very entertaining.

On Wednesday, the two presidential campaigns Donald Trump and Joe Biden announced that they would agree to hold two debates. Biden’s response and Trump’s swift acceptance went as expected, with Trump shouting back at the embattled President and declaring, “Make my day pal”.

Joe Biden, the crooked one, is by far the worst debater that I’ve ever encountered. He can’t even put two sentences together. Crooked Joe Biden is the worst president the United States has ever had.

The debates are not exactly Abraham Lincoln or Stephen Douglas but they promise to be worth paying for, if only as an educational tool.

Pelosi was asked on Wednesday to comment on the possibility of Biden and Trump finally collaborating on a stage for a debate.


Pelosi, the former House Speaker, was as usual sniveling and sneering.

The president may not have wanted to go on stage, but that is what he has decided. He is proposing a great format.

Pelosi, who is known for her dishonesty, had a better idea than a “good one.”

I believe you should all have separate town halls with them. Challenge them, ask them about the future, and let the public decide.

Pelosi, the White House, and all Democrats on Capitol Hill would certainly prefer separate town halls. They know that these town halls will be hosted by Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, or other biased hosts from ABC, NBC, or CBS.

Nancy Pelosi is never satisfied with the faux-kind condescension.

Although there is agreement in principle, the question remains: Is Trump being played?

What we know so far about the agreement:

Donald J. Trump and President Biden have agreed to hold two debates. One will be on CNN on June 27, and the other on ABC News on September 10. This is the first time in over three years that the former president has faced his successor on stage.

The agreement on the two debates reached Wednesday morning in a series of social media posts raises the possibility of the first general election debate in modern times.

Biden and top aides want the debates started much earlier than the dates proposed to the Commission on Presidential Debates so that voters could see the candidates face-to-face well before the early voting starts in September. The debate should take place in a television studio with microphones that automatically shut off after a speaker has spoken for the allotted time.

They want just two candidates and a moderator. Mr. Trump is not interested in the noisy crowds that he feeds off of.


Trump announced Wednesday on his social media website Truth Social that he agreed to participate in a third Fox News debate on October 2. Team Biden, however, has only agreed to hold two debates instead of three, and Fox News failed to meet the criteria that the Biden camp had set for the debate hosts.

On June 27th, it is an honor for me to participate in the CNN Debate on Crooked Joe Biden. He is the WORST President in the history of the United States and a real threat to democracy. I also accept the ABC News Debate on Crooked Joe, which will take place on September 10. DJT, thank you!

Why would I accept if I was Biden?

Trump has accepted the gigs at CNN and ABC. Biden will, no doubt, be treated fairly and Trump, well, we already know how Trump is going to be treated because we saw how he treated himself in 2016 and 2019.

The two debates were agreed upon in their tentative terms, so I can’t help but think that the entire thing favors Biden. His team seems to have achieved everything they wanted, or very close.

I will reserve my judgment until the debates are held, assuming they happen. But I won’t be shocked if, after one or both, there isn’t a big “I told you” at the end.