Insider Reveals Pence’s Terrifying Close Call: Near Miss on Jan 6 Could Have Been Fatal


When you thought that it was safe to put January 6th, 2021 behind you for a little while, this issue returns — with a breathless report claiming that former Vice President Mike Pence “nearly” died during the hooliganism in the Capitol.

Former Situation Room Officer said that former Vice President Pence was “close” to death on Jan. 6, 2020, during the riots at the U.S. Capitol.

In a clip that was highlighted by Mediate, Mike Stiegler stated, “It is important that we do not forget that it came that close and that we had discussions about ‘If we lost the [vice-president,] if 25th [Amendment] were invoked’.” “We began to run through all these game plans as it was getting closer.”

Stiegler agreed with Stephanopoulos that the riot on Jan. 6 was “of our people” and was “inspired” by Trump.

Stephanopoulos didn’t, of course, ask, “What is getting close?” Note that there’s no input from VP Pence‚Äôs Secret Service detail. Not that these folks are typically very communicative and open about how they protect their principles. The vice president is in danger, but what about that? Nonsense.

Pence received threats of violence concerning his refusal to help overturn the election for 2020. According to the Secret Service, Pence was at the Capitol during the rioters’ attack and was taken into an underground loading dock.

He was brought to a loading dock underground. It’s the job of the Secret Service to be cautious. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone was in danger in the Capitol that day except for the protestors. The only person who died that day was Ashli Babybitt, a veteran of the Air Force who was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer in fright. Other deaths and injuries occurred around the incident. As of this writing, there was damage worth approximately $1.5 million, but no evidence exists that an elected official ever faced any danger.

It is not true that the vice president ever was in danger. This is pure corral litter and can only be used to enrich lawns.

The media’s obsession with the 6th of January is ridiculous. The vice president never faced any danger. The Secret Service was being extremely cautious when they moved him. They were just doing their job. On that day, no elected official was even rubbed in the face. The only thing that happened was that glass was broken, furniture was overturned and selfies were taken. The event was unfortunate, but not disastrous.

Legacy media won’t let this issue die. The legacy media will keep searching for another minor official to describe in detail the dangers they faced on that day. And if Donald Trump wins in November, as it looks like he will do right now, or if major urban areas explode into another “Summer of Love”-style riot in 2020-style, these same legacy outlets will call the riots “mostly peaceful.”

The legacy media is wondering why their ratings are between athlete’s feet and bad breath.