Pelosi to Make Announcement We’ve All Been Waiting For


It’s been a long journey and it sometimes seems like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) has been Speaker since before the Great Flood. Since then, she’s been in Congress. With the Republicans winning the House, her time as Speaker is over. This is a blessing for America. Finally, the Republicans will be able to set the agenda again and chair the committees, and hopefully do some good work in restoring order. Jim Thompson, my colleague, made hilarious comments about Pelosi’s tenure in office and also created a cartoon about Nancy’s departure.

Pelosi will give a speech on the House floor at noon. She will be stepping down as leader of the caucus following 19 years. Nancy is Nancy. Even though she has talked about handing over the leadership role of the caucus to Rep. Hakeem Jeffreyries (D-NY), it’s not her intention to fade away. According to Puck, who is behind the scenes guiding the Democrats, she plans to remain “as a backbencher in some sort of emeritus position”. According to Puck, she could not decide what she wanted to do so she kept getting what she wanted to be rewritten.

Pelosi spent the past 24 hours clearing the runway for Hakeem Jeffries. She also worked out ways to ensure Adam Schiff, one her pets, is well taken care of so that he is not inclined to challenge Jeffries. Politico reported that he plans to concentrate on Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat. Pelosi has always aimed for an orderly succession. A Pelosi insider said that although it may appear like she’s in the backbench, it’s actually putting the throne at a different location. She’ll never leave the throne.

Pelosi is that woman. She can’t let go of that power, even though it means she operates behind the scenes and in the minority. She is grasping at the last minute with her bony fingers to grab what she can. She may be trying to pull off a Putin/Medvedev maneuver — Jeffries is the man at the front, but she’s also the prime mover. The report also gives the hint as to what Schiff will do in order to take over the seat from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D–CA).

However, she won’t be the Speaker anymore making cringeworthy comments to justify their horrible positions and to say that they are all for “the kids.”

Her last prediction was obviously wrong.

Good riddance and farewell!