Philadelphia’s Turn to Get a Taste of Biden’s Border Crisis


After a ruling by the federal judge affirming Philadelphia’s status as a sanctuary, James Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor, danced in his office.

I wonder if he will still be dancing after Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a few thousand illegal immigrants to him in his latest attempt to get Washington and the blue states to pay more attention to the border crisis.

The imminent removal of Title 42, a border rule that prevented about a third of illegal aliens from crossing the border during the pandemic, is causing this crisis to worsen. The Department of Homeland Security did a study last March that found that up to 18,000 illegal immigrants would attempt to cross the border once Title 42 was removed. About 2,000 illegal aliens attempt to cross the border each day at present.

Abbott and the other border governors have been left largely in the hands of Biden. Abbott cannot pull off stunts such as Wednesday’s when he drove a bus filled with illegal aliens he captured at the Texas border to Philadelphia to allow Mayor Kenney to deal with them.

Fox News:

Many of them are from Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and Ecuador and were screened and screened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. Officials stated that five people from two families indicated they intended to stay in the city, while the rest stated they would travel to neighboring countries.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated that he was pleased with the coordination to ensure that asylum seekers are welcomed to Philadelphia. “We are proud of protecting the dignity and rights of our new neighbors.” “We are proud to have helped families start a new life after months of planning with local partners.”

He didn’t mention calling the White House to beg for help, as New York Mayor Eric Adams did and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser after a few buses full of illegal immigrants arrived. Jimmy, take your time.

Kenney, however, was not grateful to Abbott and called the stunt “cruel” and racist. Abbott countered, saying that Kenney had long been celebrated and fought to be recognized as a sanctuary city, making it an ideal addition to Texas’ list of drop-off points.

It’s difficult for me to understand why declaring your city a “sanctuary” city is okay, but not giving you the opportunity to show it. Kenney and other blue-state mayors invite illegal aliens into the United States by telling them that they won’t cooperate with ICE and that our cops will not arrest them. They also promise that they’ll provide the same benefits and government goodies as citizens.

They complain when they are forced to keep their promises.

Texas border towns can’t claim it’s racist to send illegal aliens to them. They have to take care of them according to the law. While the government might be providing them with emergency assistance from FEMA and money, and NGOs may be supporting them where possible, Biden is doing nothing to control or limit the crisis. Our border is continuing to be flooded with people.

Abbott’s tactic may not be the best way to protest this situation. He should keep it going until Democrats in Washington have a plan for addressing this crisis before it becomes a humanitarian disaster.