Peleton Blocks Users From Using #LetsGoBrandon Hashtag


Peloton is one of the most well-known fitness businesses on the market, connecting treadmills and bikes to thousands of people around the world. Large screens allow users to view live classes with multiple instructors, or stream classes from their library.

After an NBC reporter “misheard” chanting “F**k Joe Biden! during the NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Talladega, the phrase became a viral meme on social media and even a top-charting song on iTunes. It is now on shirts and bumper stickers and face masks, and it has even made its way into the House chamber. But if you are a Peloton user, it cannot be used as a hashtag.

Peloton members started adding #LetsGoBrandon hashtags to their profiles in response to the popularity of the cultural phenomenon, with the platform banning the use of the tag quickly as it became more popular. It removed them from the profiles of users.

Peloton introduced tags last year in order to provide a stronger way for our Members to connect with each other through shared interests and identity. You can also create your own tags, or choose from existing ones within the community.

Peloton claims the feature was inspired by sub-communities online and members connecting over shared interests. This could be anything from that peaks their interests. However, it seems that the #LetsGoBrandon hashtag doesn’t meet their standards.